The Green Grass: WWE Superstars Who Could Excel Elsewhere

Roman Reigns

We’ve all been there, a certain job with a certain company where nothing clicks.  It happens, not just for us regular folk but for professional wrestlers too.  Be it AEW, NJPW, or even the WWE there are some talents who would could unlock their true potential by taking the plunge and going to a new company.  This article aims to highlight some of the WWE superstars we feel could have the best run of their lives if they decided to leave the safety of the WWE and go elsewhere.

Roman Reigns

Photo: WWE

Roman Reigns is an incredibly talented guy.  If you don’t believe us then maybe you’ll believe the legendary Chris Jericho who in a recent interview with WhatCulture was quoted as saying:

“I’d put Roman Reigns at the top of that wishlist for anybody. Not only is he a great worker but he’s such a cool guy. If they just let him be him he’d be the biggest star in the industry, for real. That’d be a guy I’d love to get my hands on for sure”

Reigns has his detractors but for this writer there aren’t many better performers in the WWE than him.  His matches with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens were proof that when he is let loose he can deliver great matches.  As for his mic skills?  Reigns cut one of the best promos in recent WWE history the night after defeating The Undertaker.  It’s no secret the WWE gives it’s top talent bullet points for promos so this promo was ALL Reigns and it was masterful.  If he left the WWE we could get this guy more often and it’s no doubt hed become the megastar WWE always wanted him to be.

Sasha Banks

bayley and sasha banks
Credit: WWE

Is Sasha Banks a two-time WWE women’s tag team champion? yes, is she a four-time RAW women’s champion? yes, is Sasha Banks yet to have a title reign go over fifty days on the main roster? also yes!  Sasha Banks is one of the most talented women WWE has employed, one needs only watch her Hell In A Cell Match with Becky Lynch to see that she is a creative performer willing to take risks.  That talent has not been fairly rewarded with any sustained push though.  Sasha Banks notably trained with Meiko Satomura and her Sendai Girls promotion in 2019 and it is here that we would love to see Banks have a run.  In the Joshi scene, Banks would be surrounded by workers that could actually keep up with her in the ring, most would probably outlap her too.  While Banks has had her injury issues she could easily be protected in tag team matches and unleash her full potential at big shows.  If not Japan then a run on the US indies or in IMPACT Wrestling would be excellent for “the legit boss” as she could mix it up with some of the US’ best women or even try her hand at intergender wrestling.

Bray Wyatt

Photo: WWE

Whatever your thoughts on Bray Wyatt or “The Fiend” we can all agree that modern-day WWE is not the place for such shenanigans.  It’s been some time since WWE was home to a host of gimmicky characters like The Fiend.  While Wyatt can no doubt carve out a nice career for himself in the WWE, he is already a two-time world champion after all, it would be interesting to see him go somewhere like IMPACT! where his ideas would be embraced similar to how IMPACT played host to the Broken Universe and later the Undead Realm.  If he was to scale back then the NWA and their focus on character and promos would be an excellent home for Wyatt who is great with a microphone in hand.  Wyatt’s final promo in NXT was one of his best as he roused the fans to his cause like any good cult leader does as he promises to “bring down the machine”.  To this day it remains Wyatt’s best promo and it’s unfortunate he was never given the opportunity to be a babyface in his cult leader persona.

Big E

Big E
Photo: WWE

Charismatic, built like a brick shithouse yet still athletic as hell, a master on the microphone, and just generally endearing. These are all terms that we could use to describe Big E, a man who should be one of the biggest single stars in the WWE.  E has it all and despite the New Day’s popularity and their undeniable place in the history books, it would feel like a waste for this man to never be a world champion.  Any wrestling promoter worth their salt would be throwing money at Big E to leave the WWE as this man is a license to print money if given the ball to run with.  Be it AEW or even NJPW Big E would easily show the world what the WWE has missed out on if given the chance to be the top guy.  He’s already shown this pedigree when in NXT when his 5 count gimmick got over to the point he won the NXT Championship.

The Iiconics

Photo: WWE

The Iiconics are very entertaining there’s no denying that.  But they’re confined to WWE’s women tag team division and recently were off television for a number of months.  The Iiconics leaving WWE could work wonders as it would allow them to work somewhere like NWA where their character work would shine and their matches could be shorter squashes which would emphasize their promo abilities.

Liv Morgan

Photo: WWE

Despite her rather lackluster comeback angle Liv Morgan has stood out recently due to her in ring performances.  She seemingly takes a lot of influence from Stardom as she has incorporated new moves into her arsenal that Stardom fans have become accustomed to seeing.  WWE doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot with the talented performer but she could have a good run in Stardom.  While not a top star she could certainly be a fixture of the upper card and would no doubt sell a lot of merch.


Harsh Reality
Photo: WWE

One doesn’t have to be a big fan of Ricochet to see that he has an ability to draw eyes to himself thanks to his incredible agility.  As Prince Puma in Lucha Underground Ricochet proved that he can be a top-line babyface, and heel, for any promotion so seeing him reduced to performing in Main Event in recent times has been disappointing.  Ricochet himself seems happy with his standing in the company but as fans, we just can’t help but be upset at this waste of a talent.

Kairi Sane

Photo: WWE

It goes without saying that Kairi Sane would excel anywhere but the WWE.  Being reduced to Nia Jax’s punching bag in recent times has just driven that home.  Before going to WWE Sane was regarded as one of the top wrestlers in the world and was a big star for Stardom.  With the recent retirement of Arisa Hoshiki and the unfortunate passing of Hana Kimura, it’s clear that Stardom could use Sane now more than ever to help rebuild the top of the card.

Shorty G

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

There is all the potential in the world for Shorty G to be something in wrestling.  He’s got a solid look but he really excels in the ring.  If he were to leave the WWE and go to a promotion where the in-ring action is the main focus then Shorty G could be a top star.

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