Preview: DDT TV Show Episode #6 (6/13/20)

DDT TV Show #6

Peter Pan 2020 is over and done and we have a new KO-D Openweight Champion in Tetsuya Endo. Along with many other issues that came to a head (or didn’t in the case of Danshoku Dino vs Makoto Oishi), which leads to DDT TV Show #6. As it is the first showing this leaves a lot of questions open as to what the fall out from the show will be? Will someone step up as a challenger to the KO-D Championship? along with many other questions.

Toru Owashi/Tomomitsu Matsunaga/Yukio Naya vs Shunma Katsumata/Yuki Iino/Hideki Okatani

All of these people had impressive performances at Peter Pan 2020 from title shots to raising money to charity. But with this in mind they face off against each other, interestingly enough this is Toru Owashi‘s first DDT TV Show appearance, and his team is a pretty solid unit. They go up against two members of ALL OUT in Shunma Katsumata and Yuki Iino with Hideki Okatani who gave DAMNATION a close fight. It should be an interesting watch.

Ironman Heavymetalweight Title Match: Danshoku Dieno (c) vs Antonio Honda

DDT TV Show #6

Danshoku Dieno got himself disqualified last time these two faced off against each other. Which means he retains, but it is not a defense. So Antonio Honda gets another title shot. After giving Makoto Oishi a shot at Peter Pan to its own disastrous effects, it’s time to give Honda another shot at the belt on DDT TV Show #6. Maybe another disaster won’t happen to cause a rematch, but who knows?

Jun Akiyama/Mizuki Watase vs Chris Brookes/Keigo Nakamura

Jun Akiyama has been taking some of the rookies and newer DDT roster members under his wing. Be that teaming or having matches with them. One of said students is Mizuki Watase who while not a young student is someone who hasn’t been around long. They face off against Chris Brookes and Keigo Nakamura both of whom are coming off some rough losses in the past few weeks.

#DAMNHEARTS (El Lindaman/Mad Paulie/Nobuhiro Shimatani) vs Eruption! (Saki Akai/Kazusada Higuchi/Yukio Sakaguchi)

While they failed at their attempt to control the main event, Eruption! has a strong track record as a unit. And they’re taking on #DAMNHEARTS while this isn’t the current six-man tag champion arrangement of the #DAMNHEARTS unit. Eruption! will probably be looking for a measure of revenge as it’s due to one of #DAMNHEARTS members that they failed in their goal.

DAMNATION (Daisuke Sakai/Soma Takao) vs DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA/Naomi Yoshimura)

Two very polarizing ideals clash in this match. The current Universal Champion Daisuke Sasaki will likely want to protect himself ahead of any upcoming defences, something former contender Naomi Yoshimura will look to put a stop to. At the same time Soma Takao, well no one really can figure out what he is thinking, might have the cancelled Peter Pan in the back of his mind. Especially as it was mentioned by Naomichi Marufuji in a post-match interview.

#DAMNHEARTS (Tetsuya Endo/T-Hawk) vs ALL OUT (Konosuke Takeshita/Akito) 

DDT TV Show #6

ALL OUT can breathe a little easier, the threat of Yoshihiko is no more. In the main event of Peter Pan Night One Konosuke Takeshita beat Yoshihiko by Explosion. But there is little time for Takeshita to recover as he is teaming up with Akito to take on Two-thirds of the KO-D Six-Man Tag Team Champions and the New KO-D Openweight Champion. Both Endo and Takeshita went through wars over Peter Pan 2020 and now in this match, it’ll be time to see what they have left in the tank as the two rival units face off against each other.

Anytime Anywhere Gauntlet Match: Yuki Ueno vs MAO 

DDT still has one last gauntlet, in a match between Yuki Ueno and MAO. MAO was injured and couldn’t cash his in before Peter Pan. While Yuki Ueno was impressive in his Peter Pan match debuting a new move to retain the KO-D Tag titles. The rules of cashing in the gauntlet are as follows. The Gauntlet must be cashed in before the challenge and cannot be scheduled for a later date, and it expires at the end of the year.

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