Is Seth Rollins The Best Thing Going On Raw?

Seth Rollins

No one expected to be sitting here following Crown Jewel in 2019 thinking that Seth Rollins would be the best part of any show. But here we are. It feels like we have to write every few weeks about “The Monday Night Messiah” because he adds a new layer to his gimmick so frequently. From last week to this week, Rollins went from a disturbed and lost Messiah to one who seems to have found himself and a new purpose yet again. The cult, religious-minded Rollins has climbed over the top of so many on the Raw show to be the most must-see part of it, and his next step is to be seen as the best gimmick in all of pro wrestling. He’s well on his way.

Comparing “The Messiah” to the Best of Raw

Comparing Rollins to the other entertaining talents on Raw while also looking at his ever-changing gimmick. There is a lot going good on Raw, but it is somehow not better than “The Messiah.” Not even the Raw Women’s Champion.

Rollins vs. Asuka

Becky Lynch
Photo: WWE

This is a sentence that is difficult to believe for a lot but yes, Rollins has been better than Asuka. While Asuka has been on a roll of her own in the past couple of months from her dancing and screaming to destroying everyone in the ring, it hasn’t been as good as Rollins. “The Monday Night Messiah,” win or lose, has evolved over time from insanity to tranquility in a difference of a week or even one night. He moves from one opponent to the other to hopefully send a message and use them as his “sacrifice” of sorts. Asuka is excellence, but Rollins is transcending what a character can do in the WWE right now. Making him even more must-see than “The Empress of Tomorrow.”  Don’t get it twisted Asuka has been a true highlight of WWE television lately, but there has been little in the way of storyline focus on her.  Rollins always has something going on be it on Raw or just in his mind.

Rollins vs. Aleister Black

“No man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil.” The lyrics from Aleister Black‘s theme song may stand for the thought process behind “The Messiah.” Rollins could be closest to the evil side than anything, but he would make you think differently. Most recently, Rollins has put his sights on Black and Rey Mysterio. It was as recent as this week that Rollins used his new disciple to takeout Black and reestablish his footing as the best leader in wrestling. Black is great, but Rollins’ depth to the character and ability to believe in what he is saying makes that so much better.  Black in-ring is arguably better but the storytelling and character work of Rollins gives him the win here.

Rollins vs. Zelina Vega’s Crew

Seth Rollins has been a better leader than Zelina Vega. That’s what automatically has him finishing over her and crew. Rather than trying to add numbers, Vega subtracted this week. Rollins saw a weakened Austin Theory and reached out to him to take him by his side. “The Messiah” uses his men to make him better, while Vega hopes to bring both Andrade and Angel Garza to the top. Perhaps she is trying to do something better, but Rollins’ intentions have him above the rest once again in this conversation as to who is better on Raw.

Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre brought out a different side of “The Monday Night Messiah.” That’s what makes him better at this point in time. When Rollins lost to McIntyre at Money in the Bank, he was a man without a purpose. The man looked sleepless, lost, and essentially shut down. When Rey Mysterio hit him during this time of loss, he snapped. Rollins destroyed the eye socket of Mysterio for even daring to touch him. But after, he didn’t even remember what happened. Rollins’ continuous change from loss to loss is what makes him better than even the WWE Champion. McIntyre has understood his role to the best of his ability, fighting through any possible challenger with the utmost confidence. But that isn’t better than an insane cult leader.

In the end, that is exactly what Rollins has become. He sacrifices his followers to better himself moving forward. He did it last night and he did it months before against Kevin Owens and McIntyre. “The Monday Night Messiah” cannot be stopped in his rise. Even with losses, it seems he gets mentally stronger. And if it isn’t stronger, it is at the very least entertaining as he could go down a darker road with another loss. Rollins will bring destruction to Raw until he can put the show in his image, and if Raw is not the show, he will move on to something possibly bluer and brighter.

Non-Raw Bonus: Rollins vs. Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee Dark Order
Photo / All Elite Wrestling

Not enough people talk about the main roster and AEW in terms of comparison. But the clearest is the handling of one leader, Seth Rollins, and another, Brodie Lee. Rollins has found himself as this satanic cult leader that uses the men around him to rise higher. Most people would agree that Brodie Lee, the leader of The Dark Order, should be doing the same. Yet somehow, Rollins has done what is expected of him far better. Lee has focused too much on Vince McMahon rather than being a scary leader that most should fear because he can snap at any second. The second Lee loses to Jon Moxley, most agree that he could be dead in the water. When Rollins loses, he uses that loss to strengthen himself.

It will be difficult to believe Lee can follow-up the way Rollins does, but for now, it is wait-and-see.

The Greatness of this Ever-Changing Gimmick

In WWE, it seems you can predict things from a mile away as to what will happen for certain wrestlers and stories. Seth Rollins and his Messiah gimmick has been able to move from that idea and created new anticipation for Monday Night Raw week in and week out. He adds to himself, not through different attitudes and ideas, but simply by putting his hand out and taking someone new under his wing to help save them. It’s a sense of motivation and deliberation that makes Rollins’ rise to the top so terrifying and exciting. Terrifying for the wrestlers around him as his power only becomes greater, but exciting in terms of what is next for “The Messiah” and the men that follow him — or join him in the future.

While “Burn It Down” is a term that has left Rollins, it becomes a truer statement than ever before for “The Messiah.” He wants to burn down the world around him to rebuild it in his image. If that isn’t the best thing going on Raw, then this show is far more captivating than people give it credit. “The Messiah” will keep rising, win or lose, making him the best part of Raw and perhaps all of the WWE.

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