The NWA Super Powerrr Recap (5/12/20)

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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Wrestling Alliance returns with NWA Super Powerrr. These matches were originally intended to air leading to the Crockett Cup, an event that has long since been postponed. In lieu of this event, the NWA elected to release the matches that would have aired in this packed show. Without any further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks with the NWA’s season three finale, Super Powerrr!

NWA Super Powerrr opens with a message from Billy Corgan. The promoter and owner of the NWA provides some background information on the event. He also implores fans to stick around until the end for a special announcement. From the opening video, the show proper begins.

Dave Marquez is joined at the podium by Villain EnterprisesBrody King and Marty Scurll. Taking the mic, Scurll says that when one messes with “The Villain,” they mess with the entire group. King recalls winning the 2019 Crockett Cup and the NWA World Tag Team Championship. King goes on to say that Nick Aldis‘ time with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is up. Given the relationship that Ring of Honor has with the NWA, it would be fair to expect more ROH stars to appear on programming.

A recap video is played of Kamille spearing Allysin Kay before staring down NWA Worlds Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. Following a few more recap videos, the show transitions to Kamille’s NWA debut match, which is up next.

Kamille vs. Madi Maxx

Kamille immediately tackles Maxx into the corner before stomping away on her. The silent but deadly beauty of Strictly Business continues the attack, scoop slamming Maxx with authority. Maxx fights back and attempts a sunset flip, but Kamille lands a big leg lariat. Kamille hoists Maxx up to the top turnbuckle and catches her with a steamroller. The match ends with a vicious spear for the pinfall victory. Though this match was no more than a squash, it did well in showcasing Kamille’s power and overall dominance. She will be a title contender in time.

Winner: Kamille

Post-match, Joe Galli approaches Kamille. After a tense staredown, Kamille makes her way to the back. We cut to a video package featuring her, as she speaks for the first time. She discusses her background in sports and notes that while coaches liked her, her peers and their parents didn’t. Kamille says she has no respect for authority, declaring herself an elite athlete. In October of 2018, Kamille was recruited by Aldis for her strength and authority. She directs her focus to the women’s division of the NWA, saying she will end all of them.

NWA Super Powerrr cuts to a commercial featuring Austin Idol, “professional wrestling psychologist.” These ads give these shows more of that old school character associated with NWA. Idol is one of the more charismatic personalities on the show.

The show moves to Sean Mooney interviewing The Rock N’ Roll Express at the podium. Ricky Morton talks about the Crockett Cup, which he and Robert Gibson lost, but they did become 9-time NWA World Tag Team Champions. Gibson and Morton make their way to the ring.

The Rock N’ Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) (c) vs. NWA National Heavyweight Championship Aron Stevens and The Question Mark (NWA World Tag Team Championship)

Morton and The Question Mark start things off. The Question Mark drops Morton with a palm thrust before stagging Stevens, who misses a jumping elbow drop. Stevens quickly shuffles toward the ropes, accusing Morton of illegal tactics. Stevens tags The Question Mark, who takes control once again. Stevens is tagged back in, but once again, Morton regains control. After a series of punches by Morton and Gibson, Stevens drops in comedic fashion. Morton goes for the cover but Stevens kicks out at two.

During the match, Trevor Murdoch makes his way to ringside, causing Stevens to tag The Question Mark back in and escape to the apron. With a mic in hand, Stevens introduces The Question Mark Jr. This brings out a large man wearing a Question Mark mask of his own. The match resumes with Stevens in control of Morton. Jr. even attacks Morton, which causes the official to eject him. As Jr. collapses to the mat in out-of-shape exhaustion, Morton gets the surprise pin over Stevens! Though the Mongrovian karate comedic antics may not be for everyone, they provide levity to the show. This match was solid, though, and it reinforced how resilient Morton and Gibson have been over the years.

Winners: The Rock N’ Roll Express

NWA Super Powerrr plays a recap video of Zicky Dice upsetting Ricky Starks for the NWA World Television Championship. Dice cuts a promo with his then newly won title, saying that he is television. The show cuts to video segments highlighting the bubbling feud between Melina and NWA Worlds Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa.

At the NWA podium, Kyle Davis is joined by Melina, who regards herself as a living legend. Melina believes she has earned an opportunity, whereas Allysin Kay has had multiple. This brings out Kay, who gives Thunder Rosa credit for being her fair and square. However, Kay has no such kind words for Melina, who she calls a coward. The titleholder is next, as Thunder Rosa makes her entrance. Thunder Rosa reaffirms she doesn’t need anyone’s help to be a champion, as she wishes to represent NWA with pride. She won’t lay down for anyone, not even Melina. She issues a three-way challenge, at Crockett Cup, with Kay and Melina. Though the event in question has since been postponed, this was a segment that perfectly highlighted all three ladies. Thunder Rosa was the star here, especially as evidenced by the strong reaction she came out to.

What follows is an NWA commercial featuring Tony Falk, who advertises his waffles and tire irons. Next, the show plays a series of videos hyping the feud between Tim Storm and Jax Dane.

Tim Storm vs. Jax Dane (w/Danny Deals)

Dane doesn’t wait for Storm to make his entrance, as this no-disqualification match begins fast. Dane rolls Storm back in the ring and hits a running corner splash, following up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Storm rolls to the outside, where he whips Dane into the steps. Dane rakes Storm’s eyes and follows him up the bleachers where the brawl continues. They exchange blows and send one another’s heads into the nearby steel barricade.

The two combatants make their way back down the bleachers and toward ringside. Storm sends Dane headfirst into the nearby Crockett Cup trophy, busting him open in the process. Dane takes advantage, taunting him at the nearby commentators Galli and Stu Bennett. Storm returns fire with a series of chops, which prompts an exchange between them. Dane hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Dane takes a steel chair from Deals before wedging it in the corner. Storm fights back, laying out Dane with a big boot.

Immediately popping back up, Dane hoists Storm up for a Samoan drop. He runs at Storm in the corner, but Storm evades, causing Dane to collide with the chair. Storm takes advantage with the Perfect Storm for the pinfall win!

Winner: Tim Storm

With this victory, Storm earns five minutes in the ring with Deals. Hesitantly, Deals makes his way into the ring before putting on the “Momma Storm” garb. This only irritates Storm, who removes Deals’ wig and glasses. Deals goes in for a hug and a handshake. Storm responds by planting Deals with the Perfect Storm. Chants of “one more time” prompt Storm to execute another Perfect Storm. The no-disqualification match wasn’t pretty, but given the nature of the match in question, it served its purpose nicely. Seeing Deals get his comeuppance by the hands of the beloved Storm was the perfect cherry atop the proverbial sundae.

NWA Super Powerrr cuts to a vlog entry by May Valentine, who tearfully recalls Royce Isaacs nearly breaking the arm of Sal Rinauro. Valentine accuses Isaacs of being jealous. Thus, she says she will have to talk to Isaacs. She is loyal to Isaacs, and because of the incident, she lost many followers. Valentine ends the vlog entry, emotionally troubled.

Marti Belle vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Ashley Vox

Steelz and Vox shake hands, but Belle shows no such respect for her opponents. Belle steps on the apron while Steelz and Vox fight between the ropes. Vox hits a senton for a pin, only for Belle to break it up. Belle sends Vox into one another while attacking Steelz in another. Belle follows up with running corner hip attacks and hits Vox with the Three Amigos suplexes. Vox escapes, but Belle focuses on Steelz, hitting a Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Belle maintains control of the match with her strength. She hits Vox with a discus forearm for another two-count.

Vox hits Belle with a superkick before applying a submission on Steelz. Belle breaks up the hold and lands a facebuster on Vox. Steelz hits Belle with a Codebreaker for the pin!

Winner: Tasha Steelz

NWA Super Powerrr plays videos showcasing The Pope and his alliance with The Bouncers, targeting Eddie Kingston. This prompted Kingston to align himself with James Storm and Eli Drake, the NWA World Tag Team Champions. At the podium, Marquez welcomes the three men. Kingston says that he has history with Storm and Drake, as men that just want to fight. Kingston instructs Marquez to talk to the champions.

Storm says that they want the NWA fans to enjoy each show; they love professional wrestling. Marquez directs his attention to Drake, prompting “talk to us” chants. Drake focuses on the Crockett Cup, saying that the NWA can bring anyone they want. Drake and Storm even share one another’s catchphrases. This was a fun promo, but given the men involved, this should come as no surprise. If there are any men that can sell a match or angle in the NWA, Kingston, Storm, and Drake deserve to be in the conversation.

In the latest of a series of video clips, NWA Super Powerrr hypes the feud between Strictly Business and Villain Enterprises. This brings us to the main event of the evening.

NWA Super Powerrr Strictly Business Villain Enterprises
Photo / National Wrestling Alliance

Strictly Business (Thom Latimer and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis) vs. Villain Enterprises (Brody King and Marty Scurll)

Aldis and Scurll start things off, but the champion quickly tags in Latimer. Scurll tags King before the two powerhouses lock up. Latimer avoids a chop and applies a headlock. They exchange shoulder tackles, King getting the better of the exchange. King chops Latimer across the chest. A kick from Aldis allows Latimer to regain control, but Scurll kicks him in the back in return. Scurll is tagged back in and he mimics the sound of a kick, causing the official to question Aldis.

Scurll tags King as Villain Enterprises double team Latimer. Scurll tags himself back in as Latimer escapes to the outside. Aldis cuts off Scurll’s attempt to skin the cat, allowing Latimer to attack him on the outside. Back in the ring, Aldis tags himself in before attacking Scurll, raking his eyes across the top rope. Latimer is tagged in as Strictly Business execute tandem offense on Scurll. Fighting back, Scurll hits a suplex on Latimer before making the hot tag to King while Latimer tags Aldis.

King attacks Aldis and Latimer in different corners with running splashes. Villain Enterprises execute tandem offense on Latimer. King plants Aldis with a piledriver for the pin, but Latimer breaks it up. Latimer sends King to the outside, but Scurll does the same to Latimer. In the ring, Scurll is distracted by Kamille. This allows Aldis to grab Scurll’s umbrella but misses. Isaacs comes out next but catches an umbrella to the head for his troubles. Scurll hits a dive on Isaacs while Latimer low blows King in the ring. Aldis hits a flying elbow drop on King for the win!

Winners: Strictly Business

The show ends with an announcement from Corgan concerning the future of the NWA. While they can’t present wrestling as it once was in the current pandemic, a new show will debut next week. The show in question will be called “Carnyland.” More information will be shared next week.

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