National Wrestling Alliance Will Debut Carnyland Next Week

NWA Carnyland

Earlier today, the National Wrestling Alliance held its third season finale in the form of NWA Super Powerrr. At the end of this packed show, company promoter and owner Billy Corgan shared news regarding the future of the company. While they cannot present professional wrestling in its traditional form, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, they will introduce new content. The latest venture by the National Wrestling Alliance will be known as “Carnyland.”

“Under no circumstances do we want to fold the National Wrestling Alliance, no matter how tough or difficult these circumstances are.” said Billy Corgan at the end of NWA Super Powerrr. “We went back to an idea we actually had at the very beginning of acquiring the National Wrestling Alliance; an idea that I think you’ll find intriguing… Unlike any idea I’ve ever seen in professional wrestling.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that the NWA branched out from the traditional professional wrestling format.

Recent evidence of this is The Circle Squared, a show that blends wrestling action with reality show elements. The Circle Squared pits wrestlers from around the world, both new to the industry and those with years under their belt, for the chance to become stars. The Circle Squared also provides background information on these men and women. This allows viewers to develop connections with them in the process.

At this moment, there has been little information shared about the show. The only real information that NWA fans have is the title of the show in question. Additionally, more information about Carnyland will be shared next week, on Tuesday at 6:05 PM, on their YouTube channel. Fans will learn more about Carnyland, like Corgan said he would, during this time.

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