Indie Watch: Caleb Valhalla – Destroy Everything

Caleb Valhalla

Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers. Some are indie prospects hitting their peaks. Others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at one of the most destructive forces ever produced in Scottish wrestling – Caleb Valhalla.

Every so often in professional wrestling, you’ll get a guy that comes along who just screams ‘pro wrestler’. Caleb Valhalla is one of those names. With an imposing figure, a tattoo-covered left shoulder, and a flowing mane of golden locks, the Montrose native has become a highlight since debuting from the WrestleZone (WZ) Training Academy at the tail end of 2018. Currently serving as the bodyguard to the reigning WZ Tri-Counties Champion, ‘Captain’ Alan Sterling, Valhalla never fails to impress both fans and wrestlers alike.

Caleb Valhalla

After beginning his training at the Granite City academy, Caleb would compete on a few of WrestleZone’s outdoor gala shows in the summer of 2018. It wasn’t until October of that year he was officially christened Caleb Valhalla, with Alan hiring him as his new bodyguard at Halloween Hijinx. Donning a sleeveless shirt that was showered in pictures of Alan’s face (your writer still believes it’s a travesty those aren’t on sale at the merchandise desk), it immediately became clear that Valhalla would be a force to be reckoned with in WrestleZone, regardless of whatever was thrown his way.

Caleb made his main WZ in-ring debut the following February in his hometown of Montrose, teaming with Captain Alan in a winning effort over Andy Wild in a Handicap Match, which could be deemed as somewhat of an upset victory given the current reputation ‘The Dad Bod God’ has within the British wrestling scene. From there, the Montrose monster went on an absolute tear, which included an incident in the annual Regal Rumble Match the following month that saw Caleb eliminate Lord Mr Malice. While that in itself sounds like a fairly harmless moment, the thud from Malice’s body as it hit the floor of Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel is deafening.

Aberdeen Anarchy next Saturday. Let us take a moment for fallen warriors.RIP Lord Mr Malice.

Posted by Caleb Valhalla on Saturday, April 6, 2019

With 2019 passing by at an alarming rate, and Valhalla racking up victories against the likes of Robbie Solar and Umar Mohammed, it seemed as if the man deemed a Norse God would be in for a championship opportunity before the decade came to a close. Except, that wasn’t quite the case, as Caleb was instead ‘given the night off’ at Christmas Chaos, and sent to Africa by Sterling. Even without his backup at ringside, Alan still captured the Tri-Counties Championship that night from Jason Reed.

Now into a new year of WrestleZone action, it was time for Caleb Valhalla to do what he does best. Except, once again, Alan had gotten him the night off, although he did still accompany the champ for his first title defence against Joe Hendry at the first show of the new decade. However, the sheer passion, dedication, and determination shown by Caleb was enough for WrestleZone management to grant him an Undisputed Championship match with Damien. The two biggest bonuses of that opportunity? Alan had been given the night off, and the match would take place in Caleb’s home of Montrose.

With the odds firmly in his corner and members of his family seated at ringside, Caleb seemed poised to end Damien’s near year-long run with the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. That was, until a video from Alan appeared on the video screen, distracting Valhalla long enough to allow ‘The Revolutionary’ to continue his reign as the man to beat in WrestleZone. ‘The Captain’ continued to antagonise Valhalla over the following two shows, failing to show up to a live event in Peterhead that meant Caleb was forced to pull double duty that evening, while WZ’s first live show at their training facility saw Caleb walk out during Alan’s non-title bout with Mikkey Vago.

At the time of writing, Valhalla was scheduled for a further two mammoth opportunities – firstly, challenging Crusher Craib and Connor Inglis for the Tag Team Championships at WZ’s Regal Rumble event alongside Alan, and secondly, making his debut for Fair City Wrestling (FCW) at their Nae Mercy show at the start of April opposite fellow FCW debutant Don Massimo. Sadly, due to the ongoing issues within the world, both of those matches (and shows as a whole) have had to be postponed.

Despite that, one thing remains certain for when Scottish wrestling makes a welcome return. Caleb Valhalla will continue to do what he does better than anyone else in the country – destroy everything.

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