Redesigned, Rebuilt: Seth Rollins Looks To Reclaim His Glory As ‘The Messiah’

Seth Rollins
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The rise of “The Messiah” Seth Rollins has been something to behold in the WWE during the last six months. Rollins was lost at one point. He was being booed by the fans and was in a real rut. “Seth Rollins Isn’t Cool” was an actual thing at one time. From this rose “The Messiah.” With an idea of raising Monday Night RAW in his image, Rollins found his new niche by completely reinventing himself. Now, fans are singing the praises of “The Messiah” all over again as he attempts to leach the WWE Championship away from Drew McIntyre.

Rise From The Ashes: “The Messiah” Seth Rollins And His Disciples

As said before, Rollins was the most hated man in the WWE late in 2019 as a babyface. What he did was take the fans’ words and twist them. Rollins became the person the WWE fans wanted him to be more than anything. “The Messiah” was the result of a million boos that never ended and he wanted to make RAW better. Rollins added Murphy and AOP┬áto make stopping him almost unstoppable. He remained a loudmouth who attempted to sing the praises of himself and put down all that stood ahead of him. “The Messiah” entered a rivalry with Kevin Owens that at times felt never-ending and the matches not being stellar. However, his promos were on another level and WrestleMania 36 became the perfect ending.

Seth Rollins Kevin Owens WrestleMania 36
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Owens went out of his way to put an end to this direction of Rollins at WrestleMania 36, jumping off the sign and beating him not once, but twice in the same night. “The Messiah” experienced a takedown from his perch that left him broken. In this context, broken was the best possible version of the word.

Loss Equals Gain

Rollins was onto something as “The Messiah.” He had followers and the stained glass in his image. However, he was too loud and confident. A double WrestleMania loss to Kevin Owens broke him down and left us with his best version yet. Slow, calculating, determined, angry; the words he spoke came with meaning and an edge. “The Messiah” no longer has his followers come with him out to the ring. As this new, calculated version of himself, he finds himself with a WWE Championship match. The cowardly heel that he was in his first WWE Championship run is long gone as he has this unique confidence that just works. Look to his promo on Monday night from his home. This was a case of firing on all cylinders.

Seth Rollins has been in the same exact position as Drew McIntyre is right now. He knows what comes with it: love, hate, and pressure that can take you over. In Rollins’ eyes, this is a chance to bring his vision for RAW to the highest of heights and send McIntyre down to the lowest of lows. Rollins does not want to hurt McIntyre, but he wants to be there for the people who made him “The Messiah” of Raw. Can Rollins continue to lead himself out of the garbage and into the spotlight that was once his many years ago? If his recent work in and especially out of the ring is any indication… “The Messiah” will rise above the rest. Burning down every single person who dares to stand in his way any longer.

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