Live Or Die By The Four Horsewomen: WWE’s Women Division Problem

Becky Lynch
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When it comes to talent under the WWE umbrella, no company comes close to matching it. When you look at the collective women that they have, that idea continues to stand when you compare it to any company placed in the United States. Only international companies like Stardom, among others, can rival or put up a fight to the amount of great talent they have. But when you have that talent, you should utilize it to the best of your ability. For the past year or so, NXT has done that by giving us incredible matches after incredible matches as they use the ladies to the best of their abilities which made them the best show weekly for a long time. But recently, that specialty of the women’s division has fallen victim to the same thing the main roster’s division has.

Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. The Four Horsewomen.

They are the four women most recognized as starting the WWE’s Women’s Evolution and have been in the title picture ever since on the main roster. It’s 2020 and they have moved into the territory of NXT. A brand that hasn’t needed them for years but yet, here we are.  Charlotte Flair is the NXT Women’s Champion while Becky Lynch and Bayley represent the divisions on Raw and SmackDown. Is there a reason WWE has gone all-in on living and dying by the Four Horsewomen? For fans, it has become too much. But there are fair reasons for, and against, having the Four Horsewomen on top at all times. Let’s explore both sides of this real problem the WWE faces.

The Four Horsewomen: WWE’s Women Division Problem

Against: Not Allowing Anyone Else To Become Legitimate

four horsewomen
Remember Sarah Logan?

It’s been a very long time since none of the Four Horsewomen were either holding or chasing championship gold. NXT is the only place that saw a change when it came to these women not being included, but that ended at WrestleMania 36. one reason for being against the Four Horsewomen always being in the title picture is this: not allowing anyone else to become a legitimate threat in the division. Now don’t get it wrong, some sneak through the cracks since they hit the main roster. Asuka, Nia Jax, and Alexa Bliss have been among the few that got through on their own, but the list does not go much longer. Not getting the opportunity or having a big loss can derail that at times.

WrestleMania 36 saw both Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler fall victim to Charlotte and Becky Lynch respectively. While Ripley has a great chance to explode when her time comes again, Baszler may not have the luxury. Maybe that comes down to who we are blaming. Even Asuka, one who has bled through the cracks to become a star on her own, has suffered greatly from major losses to these four women. Mostly Charlotte, as her two toughest losses in her WWE career have both come at the hands of “The Queen.” Sasha Banks and Bayley take less of the blame here, but WWE’s inability to believe in anyone else never helps the product or the wrestlers themselves.

Against: Tiring Main Scene With No Secondary Feuds

As a collective whole, the Four Horsewomen combine for 27 title reigns. 27. They are approaching 2,500 combined days as champion. That’s almost seven years, folks. When we say the main scene of the women’s division has become tiring, it’s true. How many times have fans had to watch Sasha vs. Charlotte, Charlotte vs. Becky? Feels like hundreds. While they do have some incredible matches together in their resume, with Sasha vs. Bayley from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and Becky vs. Charlotte at Evolution coming to mind, there is still such thing as too much. If they are taking up the main event then secondary feuds in their women’s divisions do not exist.

What makes that so confusing is the fact that the women’s segments tend to be the highest rated on WWE television week in and week out. So, why not include them more instead of random tag team matches that people never really ask for? Women’s wrestling has exploded and it has impacted the WWE, but no one fully buys into that inside the company. That is a different problem away from the Four Horsewomen, but that could do with their star power as opposed to the star power the rest of the division delivers. Fan’s criticism of them always being on top of the WWE is valid, but you must understand why this idea of these four women being at the peak is always their decision.

An easy way out? Maybe. But maybe it’s on others to blame for not making it when given the opportunity.

For: Other Talents Have Failed When Pushed

Photo: WWE

You can only push someone so far.  The Four Horsewomen are selected as the ones to lead the division time and time again because of other women not managing to pick up the slack and help run the division. Some names that come to mind are Lacey Evans, who has had multiple title opportunities and never got over with the crowd – whether she was supposed to be cheered or booed. Another is Naomi, who had a shot back when the brand split returned but never got over to the fullest of her potential. Now anytime she comes out, she feels like just another face in the crowd rather than a star like the horsewomen. This list can go on and on, but the main idea is that they cannot get over with wins or their characters when feuding with the Four Horsewomen.

And you may view this and think, “Hey, if they lose how do they get over?” Character building. Since day one, Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha, and Becky have had an identity that has got over with the crowd. For Charlotte, it’s being “The Queen” and being above the rest like no one else. Bayley has had two characters, one being the huggable babyface that exceeded expectations in NXT and her current sees her as the self-anointed “role model” of the WWE and reigns as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Sasha Banks has lived “The Boss” character and made it her own. Becky Lynch captured the essence of “The Man” and now she stands as the top woman and star in the company. If these women want to ever be close to the level as these four, they will have to find a connection with the audience to make it matter.

For: Four Horsewomen Are Among The Biggest Stars In The Company

Plain and simple, the main reason that these four women are at the top of the women’s division day after day, month after month is because they are among the biggest stars in the entire company. Becky Lynch is the face of the WWE, like it or not. Ever since “The Man” came around, her spot at the top has not been altered. Even more so than Roman Reigns when it comes to stardom. She’s in the commercials, taking the interviews. She is top dog. Charlotte Flair carries the prestige of the Flair Legacy on her shoulders, and with that last name in the world of professional wrestling, you can’t be anywhere but the top. Bayley and Sasha Banks are the top two ladies on SmackDown and happen to be the best acts on the entire show week in and week out.

They bring legitimacy to the division while the rest of the women need to catch up. When it comes to breaking and making records, Bayley is the queen in that department. As the only Grand Slam woman in the company’s history and one of the most well-known names in the wrestling circuit, she is undeniable in terms of popularity. Sasha Banks, on the other hand, is something completely different. She has created an aura around her that makes her feel special. While it may not always show, “The Boss” happens to have the fans in the grasp of her hand and can twist that any time she wants. Plus, she is a darn good wrestler. When it comes to female stars in pro wrestling, these four may be the biggest in terms of name-value there is in the present-day product.

That’s why WWE may understandably put all of their stock in these four women week in and week out, 365 days a year rather than someone else who can’t carry their bags for a match, forget a few months.

Cream Always Rises To The Top

Photo: WWE

When it comes to stardom in professional wrestling nowadays, it’s difficult to find those who convey it to the audience week in and week out. The Four Horsewomen do exactly that. While Bayley, Sasha, and even Becky have had rough patches of not being utilized or having a tough time connecting with the audience, the cream always rises to the top. It is not a mistake as to why these four are especially at the top.

That whole “Four Horsewomen” idea isn’t a gimmick, it is a fact. Without these four, the WWE would be in trouble. Yes, they do not always need to be the top billing in the division and can settle for non-title stuff once in a while. But in the end, this is their company. They pave the road for all the kids at home to believe in and want to be a women’s wrestler. Oh, and they happen to be that good to have this spot on top.

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