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Dragon Gate has not had a good year ever since the pandemic began, shows are being canceled left and right. Most recently they announced the cancellation of the Dead or Alive show, that being one of the bigger shows that sets the waypoints for characters to come. Despite the attempts with empty arena shows they’ve struggled. However, they still have some fight to them.

Dragon Gate has recently made an announcement that until April 13th, select shows on their streaming service Dragon Gate Network will be aired for free in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The shows that Dragon Gate chose throughout their 20 plus year history were their own Kobe World Wrestling Festival show and Aniversario from the days of Toryumon.

The Kobe World Wrestling Festival means a lot to the company as it is their anniversary show, and named for the venue that it takes place in. It also is a show that the company likes to make feel special by having large matches and big moments occur there. For example last year the main event was Ben-K vs PAC for the Open the Dream Gate title. It also held the return of Ultimo Dragon to the promotion which was once thought undoable. It also has other names that are recognizable like Ricochet, Akira Tozawa, and Shingo Takagi all passing through the halls of Dragon Gate and taking part in Kobe World in one way or another.

Dragon Gate Network is one of the easier to enter sites when it comes to Puro, as many of their shows have an English commentary track. And there’s an easy way to swap a lot of the text on the site to English. And the Kobe world shows while they are free, require no registration. So if there was ever a passing interest in checking out this promotion now is a great chance to get into trying it out.

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