Preview: Stardom – Cinderella Tournament (3/24/20)

Cinderella Tournament
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Stardom returns to some normality when they run Korakuen Hall on March 24th.  There will be fans in attendance, and they will host the Cinderella Tournament.  This tournament has the stipulation that matches have a 10-minute time limit and victory can come by pinfall, submission or by throwing your opponent over the top rope.  And as an added kicker if a match ends in a draw both competitors are OUT! The stipulations throw up the possibility for upsets and for some talent outside the main event scene to have a chance at winning.  The winner of the tournament earns one wish, that so far has always been used for a title shot, and wears a beautiful dress when she’s awarded the trophy.  The first round matches will stream live on YouTube for free but the rest of the tournament is only available on Stardom World.

Momo Watanabe vs Starlight Kid

Cinderella Tournament

This match more than any other stands out as a possible upset.  Watanabe’s current storyline is that her and Queen’s Quest aren’t doing very well so what better way to compound than by being eliminated by Starlight Kid in the first round.  The win would be a big moment for SLK and with her athleticism being her key strength it wouldn’t be a shock for her to find a way to get Watanabe over the top rope.

Jungle Kyona vs Giulia

Tokyo Cyber Squad and Donna Del Mondo clash in the opening round.  These two built some tension back at No People Gate after Kyona pinned Maika giving DDM their first loss in Stardom.  Chance are this one ends in a draw with both women being eliminated and setting up another singles match in the near future.  Jungle Kyona loses a lot though so it wouldn’t be too surprising for them to have her lose to Giulia here.

Konami vs AZM

Cinderella Tournament

Konami battles her former tag team partner AZM.  AZM is the kind of competitor that can pull of upsets in tournaments like this thanks to her high speed prowess but Konami seems to do well in tournaments so expect her to come away with the win.

Syuri vs Jamie Hayter

The hard-hitting Syuri takes on the powerful Jamie Hayter in a match that is sure to leave both competitors bruised afterward.  With Syuri’s DDM faction still getting over in Stardom it’d make sense to give her the win here over Hayter and could possibly build to a title match down the line.

Tam Nakano vs Saki Kashima

Cinderella Tournament

Tam was our early favourite to walk away from this tournament as the winner.  She has a tough draw though and is on the same side of the bracket as a couple of people that Stardom are pushing.  That said, she probably wins here to avoid Saki facing her faction leader Tora in the next round

Natsuko Tora vs Saya Kamitani

Tora is currently in the midst of a push following Kagetsu passing her the torch and anointing her as the new leader of Oedo Tai which means she is probably going to beat Saya Kamitani here.  Stardom clearly likes Kamitani but for someone to beat a faction leader, even in this tournament, just months after their debut would be incredible.

Utami Hayashishita vs Maika

Cinderella Tournament

A rematch from January when Hayashishita defended her Future Of Stardom title against Maika.  Maika is the pin eater for DDM and will likely lose here against the woman that beat her just two months ago.

Mayu Iwatani vs Hana Kimura

The headline match of the first round sees Mayu Iwatani take on Hana Kimura.  Kimura winning could set her up for a future title match but Iwatani winning this tournament opens up some really interesting options regarding what she could use her wish for.


Our early favorite was Tam Nakano winning and using her wish to challenge Arisa Hoshiki for the Wonder Of Stardom title but with Nakano’s tough draw and Hoshiki’s status currently up in the air, Stardom may go elsewhere.  Giulia is a viable option to win as Stardom has made her a focal point of their product and a match between her and Mayu would be a good main event for Ota Ward.  Our BOLD picks are Utami Hayashishita and Mayu Iwatani.  Hayashishita winning and using her wish to get a tag title shot would play into her current story.  Iwatani winning would allow her to challenge Arisa Hoshiki to a huge title unification match at Ota Ward Gymnasium.

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  1. I think this will be a good way to cement Giulia as that next top star without having to put the Red or White Belt on her (for me she’s still very green, charismatic and has star potential but still green). Have her run Mayu close in a title match but come out looking like a star and losing her first singles match to the ACE isn’t a bad rub. It’s clear they see her as their first big star of Bushiroad era, she definitely will give Hana a run for the pin up of Stardom for sure.

    I think it’s pretty clear Kamitani is another one they have big hopes for, but like you it’s a little early to be given her a big win (I think the team up with Utami for the tag title match with Bea/Jamie coming up soon, will be a perfect chance to give her a big push) and for me with her schooling now over and I’m assuming she’s full timer now, it’s time for SLK to be given that big push. She’s a star, I don’t know if they push her over time to the very top but she’s someone with her look could be a white belt holder at the very least.

    I think Utami, wouldn’t be a bad bet to have win this. They still protect her a lot stronger then most. Mayu doesn’t need it, you can build a feud for her next rival from this imo. Hana, she should only win a tournament from now on if you are about to pull the trigger on a title run for her. I definitely keep Syuri strong as she’s got potential as a strong heel for Stardom, Jamie right now is a comfortable mid carder. Natsuko could do with a good run but I definitely don’t see her been Oedo Tai leader for too long. Tam wouldn’t be a bad bet either.


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