Preview: Wrestle Rampage – Carpe Diem (3/14/20)

Carpe Diem
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The year of the rat is well underway after Rat Daddy became the Australian National Champion at the last show. With Rat Daddy now sitting atop the pack in Adelaide will we see a new Wrestle Rampage at Carpe Diem?

If the returning Graham brothers, and their new faction the RenegadeZ, have anything to do with it we certainly will. When the RenegadeZ interrupted a touching passing of the torch moment between Hartley Jackson, Rat Daddy and Tommy Knight they made it clear they wanted to deliver a “good old fashioned shake up” to the company.

This weekend when Wrestle Rampage returns to the Port Adelaide Recreation Centre will we see the company continue to progress into the future or will it retreat into the past.

Cruiserweight Cup – ‘The Darkest Soul’ Bobby Heart vs ‘Human Bullet’ Liam Barnett

Carpe Diem

Although these two men are veterans of Wrestle Rampage they have strangely never gone toe to toe in singles competition. This weekend that all changes in this first time ever encounter.

In a surprising change of heart Robby Heart has offered to defend his Cruiserweight Cup against Link Barnett, despite the latter’s spotty win/loss record. Over the past several years Heart has been striving to strip opportunities away from fellow competitors, so what has spurred this dramatic about face?

Barnett though needs to keep a clear mind heading into this contest and not worry about why Heart has given him this opportunity. With a questionable win/loss record it may have been some time before Barnett would have naturally earned a title shot, so he must seize the opportunity tat has been presented to him.

Havok vs ‘Heart-Throb’ Corey Adams

Havok jump started his Wrestle Rampage campaign in 2020 with the fastest victory on record, in the process shattering the surgically repaired ankle of Nick Golfis. This weekend Havok will look to keep the momentum rolling when he squares off with one of Golfis’ closest allies.

For Corey Adams this match is about two things. Gaining revenge for his fallen friend and reestablishing himself in the Wrestle Rampage pecking order. Prior to the last event Adams was continually gaining momentum within Wrestle Rampage, but that was quickly halted by the returning Joey Graham.

With two men entering this match with a score to settle and clear goals in mind it will be a sure fire battle.

Corndog vs ‘Wreckin’ Ball’ Will Gibson

Carpe Diem

Two of Wrestle Rampage’s top heavyweights are set to collide on Saturday.

For over a year Corndog has been bringing the fun, delighting crowds, and most importantly winning matches. As such 2020 is looking like it could be Corndog’s year, unless of course Will Gibson can stop the momentum in its track.

With the RenegadeZ seemingly being disgusted by anything fun in Wrestle Rampage it is unsurprising that Will Gibson has set his sights on Corndog. These two man are the complete antithesis of each other, Corndog is a powerhouse but he’s also fun where as Gibson finds pleasure in simply punishing and manhandling his opponents.

When these two clash it could shake the foundations of the venue and Adelaide as a whole.

Kellyanne vs Steph De Lander

Two ladies that are very familiar with each other clash for one final time.

Steph De Lander was originally scheduled to make her Wrestle Rampage debut back at last year’s All Or Nothing event until an injury forced her to withdraw. This withdrawal would open up a spot for Kellyanne as a replacement, and inadvertently reignite the rivalry between these two competitors.

With Kellyanne now set to compete in the upcoming Ring Of Honor Quest For Gold tournament this weekend will be the final opportunity for these two to settle their beef.

Both ladies are in high demand all over the world at the moment, so fans in Adelaide are set for a real treat. As two of the top talents this country has to offer square off in what could easily be the match of the night.

RenegadeZ (Joey & Greg Graham with Pat Graham) vs ‘The Prodigy’ Tommy Knight & Punk-Drunk Istria

Carpe Diem

Formerly known as the HotrodZ the Graham brothers have reunited and are now looking to shake up Wrestle Rampage under their new monicker the RenegadeZ. This weekend in a tag team grudge match they will take on two of the company’s top talents, Tommy Knight and Punch-Drunk Istria.

To see Knight and Istria joining forces is incredibly unexpected as the two long-time bitter rivals battled back and forth throughout much of last year. Now with a mutual enemy though they have had to set aside their differences in order to hopefully see off the disruptive RenegadeZ.

Will the anger and determination of the RenegadeZ be enough to see off the tough athletic duo of Knight and Istria? Or perhaps we should be asking, can the duo of Knight and Istria coincide peacefully?

Australian National Championship: Rat Daddy (c) vs ‘Prize Bull’ Sam Osborne

The newly crowned Australian National Champion, Rat Daddy, is set to defend his title for the first time this weekend. Hoping to take the title off the new champ is the debuting Sam Osborne from New South Wales.

Since debuting in Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) Osborne had been on an extensive losing streak. Despite being one of the most physically gifted and athletic wrestlers on the roster. This run of poor form all changed however when Osborne sought guidance from manager Don Marnell. Since joining the Marnell Management Agency (MMA) Osborne’s fortunes have changed and the victory are beginning to pile up.

Marnell has not only been able to steer Osborne’s career in the right direction in PWA but he has also managed to secure this golden opportunity. Osborne will now make his Wrestle Rampage debut in the main event of Carpe Diem as he challenges for the most coveted prize in Australian wrestling.

The two men battling it out over the most prestigious title in Australian wrestling couldn’t be any more different. 

On one side there is Rat Daddy, a man of the people who lives a frugal life enjoying his Kraft singles and living on the streets of Adelaide. 

On the other, there is the rich, brash and snobby Sam Osborne. ‘The Prize Bull’ as he loves to call himself lives a life of luxury in the upper-class suburb of Mosman in Sydney. And boys does he love to flaunt his wealth.

Will this weekend see the Year Of The Rat continue or will it become the Year Of The Prize Bull before it can even get started in earnest?

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