Nick Gage vs Paul Robinson Headlines PROGRESS Tampa Announcements

Nick Gage

After completing the lineup for PROGRESS Tampa the company set about announcing the first set of matches for the show.  The match that jumped out the most was the announcement that current PROGRESS Proteus Champion Paul Robinson will take on MDK Nick “F’n” Gage.

The match is sure to be violent as Gage is known for his violent deathmatches that have made him the ace of Game Changer Wrestling and one of the most feared wrestlers in the world.  He meets a man that is equally as violent in Paul Robinson, Robinson is the man that sent Jimmy Havoc packing by curb-stomping his head into some light tubes.  He and Havoc would rekindle that rivalry at PROGESS’ biggest show ever in a violent No DQ match, and they would have Havoc’s goodbye match at SSS16 2019 in a deathmatch.  Robinson has been in there with one of the most violent men in the UK and he will relish the opportunity to get violent with Nick Gage.

This was just one of the matches announced for the show.  A possible show-stealer between Travis BanksKyle Fletcher, and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin was announced. Destination Everywhere’s The O.J.M.O will take on Do Not Resuscitate’s Spike Trivetas those two factions take their beef worldwide.  Finally, Warbeast will take on the Anti Fun Police in tag team action.

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