Status of The Great Muta for JJSB4 In Limbo

Great Muta

It was previously announced that legendary Japanese wrestler The Great Muta would be appearing at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4. GCW took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that Muta would be unable to appear on the show. GCW shared a full timeline of details regarding the initial booking, being contacted by Sonny Onoo about Muta coming over and the difficulties they encountered. They promised they would be willing to work with Onoo on a deal or find a suitable replacement. There is an excerpt from GCW’s statement below, as well as a link to their original tweet with the full, detailed announcement. 

“In October of 2019, we initiated the process of booking The Great Muta for Spring Break 4. In doing so, we went through our normal intermediary, the same intermediary who successfully helped us book every single Japanese wrestling legend that you have seen on GCW events for the last 3 years. In those 3 years, we have had outstanding experiences with each and every talent, and have been thanked for our professionalism and attention to detail in ensuring that all our obligations were met, and exceeded. 

In early November, we reached 2 separate deals for the Great Muta to appear at JJSB4. The first, a deal for Muta to sign and wrestle at Spring Break, and then later, a more comprehensive and more lucrative deal for Muta to appear at Spring Break, and also at Wrestlecon as a guest of Game Changer Wrestling. Messages were sent back and forth, a deal was reached and we were given approval by Muta’s camp to announce him as appearing at JJSB4 and as a guest at Wrestlecon.”

Great Muta was one of the bigger wrestlers announced for Spring Break 4, which almost always has a Japanese legend. It will be interesting to see who Joey and GCW can find only a month out from the event. The company has worked with Great Sasuke multiple times over the past few years so he could be a favorite. 

Since the initial statement from GCW has been posted, Sonny Onoo has also taken to Twitter to weigh in from his side. GCW engaged in conversation with Onoo on social media, showing text message exchanges. This is an unfortunate and messy situation that will hopefully not detract from Spring Break 4 or any of the other The Collective hosted events. 

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