SmackDown Highlights – Otis Left Broken Again By Mandy Rose (2/21/20)


A full week of reflection after heartbreak on Valentine’s Day leaves us at the final show before WWE Super Showdown next Thursday. Everyone will be looking for answers following Mandy Rose breaking Otis‘ heart for Dolph Ziggler. That and Goldberg is officially back on SmackDown ahead of his match with “The Fiend”. We know what matters more here. Otis. Plus, a No. 1 contender’s match between Naomi and Carmella. Here are the highlights.

Tucker stands up for Otis, Mandy Rose confused about “Text”

“Oh, TUCKY!” Get you a friend like Tucker. Otis, heartbroken following last week’s events, did not leave his hotel room and couldn’t bear to handle the embarrassment he felt following Mandy Rose breaking his heart. But when Tucker brought up the text that said she would be running late, Mandy had no recollection. She was talking about how she was actually looking forward to the date. Sonya Deville somewhat hinted that it was not a big deal, meaning she may have been the one behind it.

Fast forward to later in the night where Mandy was waiting for her ride. That bastard Dolph Ziggler offered to drive her instead and she obliged. Otis then came out from behind heartbroken again as all he knows is that this is her fault. The chants of “Otis” were the loudest of the night.

Mustafa Ali Teasers Through The Night

This may not have been noticed, but throughout the night a type of hack would occur during segments and matches that alluded to a returning Mustafa Ali. Hopefully, they are true, as his talents should be on television. It looks like he’s ready to bring the light.

The set-up for Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak is in motion

Oh, baby let’s get excited. The seeds have officially been planted for Daniel Bryan to take on Drew Gulak in a singles match soon enough. This comes after Gulak told Bryan he’d love to make a PowerPoint presentation to show him his weaknesses as of late. Instead, we saw Bryan vs Heath Slater. Slater who received help from Gulak and almost pulled off the upset. But when Slater went to the top, something Gulak definitely did not recommend, Bryan walked out victorious. Diehard fans, rejoice. Great technical wrestling is on the way.

Naomi is heading to Super Showdown for the First-Ever Women’s Championship match

The reason for this match was due to the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, cheating her way to a win and successful defense over Carmella. So with that said, Naomi vs Carmella was to be had with a shot at the title at Super Showdown. Naomi, despite a phenomenal effort by Carmella, was able to earn the shot and will be apart of the first women’s title match in Saudi Arabia. In Bayley’s eyes, she is the only woman she has yet to beat on the SmackDown roster. Except for Sasha Banks, of course.

Goldberg Spears “The Fiend” 

Who’s next? More like Fiend’s next… (no applause). Alright well, that’s what Goldberg’s shirt said as he made his return to SmackDown and before long, “The Fiend” was out there to welcome the former Universal Champion. Before “The Fiend” could make a move, Goldberg hit him with the spear and he vanished. They will collide for the Universal Championship next week.

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