Raw Highlights – Baszler Leaves Her Mark On Lynch (2/10/20)

Monday Night Raw has shown that it can still be the A show, even if it’s not on FOX. The past few weeks have been rather quality episodes, with a lot more good over bad in terms of segments and happenings. NXT is somewhat infesting the brand more and more each week, which people do not seem to be noticed but that is what’s happening. This week proves to be that moment yet again, as Becky Lynch has learned who her rival will be in the long-term. Here are the highlights of this one.

Becky Lynch Defeats Asuka In Title Defense, Shayna Baszler Calls Next


Becky vs. Asuka III. Winner takes the Raw Women’s Championship. And boy did these put one more classic on. Becky and Asuka went hard at each other as they always do and it truly was anyone’s to win. Asuka continuously used submissions inside the ring, locking on the armbar and Asuka-lock but Lynch managed to fight out each time. In the closing sequence, it was a pinfall after pinfall with both seemingly closing in on a win. But Lynch managed to catch Asuka, planting her with the Manhandle Slam to pin her in the middle of the ring and retain her title.

It was after the match where things turned up another notch. Shayna Baszler attacked from the crowd and revealed to the world that she is going for Becky Lynch and her Raw Women’s Championship. After the beat down, she removed her mouthpiece and bit the back of Lynch’s neck, busting her open in one of the most insane and scary scenes Raw has seen in a long time. Lynch drove herself to a hospital before returning, but it’s clear that these two are just getting started.

Rhea Ripley Searches For Charlotte Flair’s Answer

It is an incredibly weird look when the champion is searching for an answer from a hopeful challenger at any time. But no one would call Rhea Ripley an ordinary person. “The Nightmare” has laid down the challenge to Charlotte Flair to face her at WrestleMania for the NXT Women’s Championship, but the 2020 women’s Royal Rumble winner has yet to commit to that idea. Instead, Ripley had to come to Raw hunting for that answer and was met by Sarah Logan. This led to a match between the two, which proved to not be a close match as Ripley ran through Logan while she stared down Charlotte who was at the top of the ramp. She got on the mic following her win to look for the answer, and all Charlotte wanted to know is why would she accept if she still has to defend against Bianca Belair on Sunday.

Matt Hardy Has Last Match In WWE End Via Con-Chair-To


By all accounts, Matt Hardy is leaving when his contract is up within the next month. But that did not mean he had no use to the WWE. Randy Orton was out to explain his actions about attacking Edge two weeks ago but did not say anything. This led Hardy, who has more history with Edge than perhaps anyone, to come out and ask why. Hardy discussed how Edge’s injury nine years ago brought them back to friendship. Meaning he wanted to know why. Orton didn’t say why, but instead attacked and hit an RKO. But he was not done, as a con-chair-to to the head worked to be the final message to everyone that it doesn’t matter to Orton who gets in his way. Hardy tweeted goodbye on his Twitter, signaling this may be the end of Hardy’s in-ring career in the WWE.

The women-owned the night, as you can see with the best parts of the show. Ruby Riott also revealed why she is back, to put Liv Morgan back in her place. Raw remains the best show between that and SmackDown.

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