Preview: GCW – Run Rickey Run (2/15/20)

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After spending a week in Japan, Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) returns to their homeground of New Jersey on Saturday night with Run Rickey Run. A huge card by any means, but the crowning point is the conclusion of the intense feud between GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page and former champion Nick Gage – or is the end just the beginning? Run Rickey Run airs live on this Saturday.

Scramble: Blake Christian vs. Jonathan Wolf vs. KTB vs. Cole Radrick vs. JJ Garrett vs. Treehouse Lee

Photo: GCW

A 6-man scramble featuring some emerging stars who are starting to break out in 2020. KTB is the veteran of the bunch, as a former GCW World Champion, and he’s easily the most physically imposing of the group. But the other five are all electric young stars who have been busting out of late. Blake Christian was one of GCW’s biggest discoveries of 2019 and he now comes into 2020 as one of the brightest stars in the US indies. Jonathan Wolf has been working a lot of tag matches alongside Shawn Kemp in IFHY, but as a singles competitor, the 22-year old is now starting to find his groove in the likes of IWA Mid South, Black Label Pro, St. Louis Anarchy, and more. Cole Radrick is another 22-year old who has been honing his craft with IWA Mid South, Rockstar Pro, Paradigm Pro Wrestling (PPW), Black Label Pro, and others. JJ Garrett is an 8-year pro who has worked with Iowa’s Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) and 3X Wrestling and Kansas’ Journey Pro. Treehouse Lee is a regular of the Florida indie scene, working for the likes of FEST WrestlingAmerican Combat Wrestling (ACW), and more. He made his GCW debut on December 26 at their Christmas special event, Jimmy All The Way, where he won a 6-man scramble. Will history repeat itself in Atlantic City?

Matthew Justice vs. Matt Tremont

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A first time match-up between two very different veterans. Matthew Justice has done a lot in his 14 year career, but it only feels like the past few years the big man has truly hit his peak. After a brief stint in WWE developmental in 2011 in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as Mack Hatfield, Justice exploded in the Midwest with Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) where he’s become a 2x AIW Intense Champion and the reigning AIW Absolute Champion. Last year he made his GCW debut and fans have gotten to see a far more intense side of him, which has only shown more of what he can do. He’s facing off against former GCW World Champion and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Champion “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont, who continues to be one of the faces of American hardcore for the past decade. As tough as they come, Tremont never takes a night off, and this should be an exciting first time contest.

Alex Colon vs. Takashi Sasaki

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Alex Colon continues to be one of GCW’s best kept secrets as he consistently performs at the highest levels and routinely has the match of the night with his intensity. Colon is returning from his tour in Japan with GCW and on Saturday, he faces a man he’s only faced in tag action before (both times on GCW tours in Japan). Takashi Sasaki is a 24-year veteran of the Japanese scene, where he’s a former King of FREEDOMS Champion, 2x Big Japan Wrestling (BJW) Deathmatch Champion and KO-D Openweight Champion in DDT Pro. The 45-year old is making his US-soil debut with GCW on Saturday, after having only appeared on their Japan tours.

SHLAK vs. ???

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Originally slated to face off against Japan deathmatch ace Masashi Takeda, SHLAK has now found himself without a dance partner on Saturday night. No matter who ends up replacing Takeda, SHLAK will always be SHLAK. A psychotic madman who has a penchant for violence and bloodshed.

EFFY vs. Tony Deppen

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Another first time match-up and considering they’ve both been huge parts of GCW over the past year, it’s somewhat suprising. EFFY continues his monstrous 2019 with another huge match in GCW in 2020, as he takes on the “Gatekeeper” Tony Deppen. Both men had breakout years in 2019, and these are two men entering their prime in what should be a fantastic grapple.

Chris Dickinson vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Photo: Run Rickey Run

Speaking of breakout 2019s, few had a more explosive run last year than Chris Dickinson. As well as being one of GCW’s toughest competitors, Dickinson was the MVP of Beyond Wrestling last year for their first two seasons of Uncharted Territory. A powerhouse with athleticism and technical ability, Dickinson has finally found his stride as a singles competitor. He’s facing arguably GCW’s most improved wrestler over the past two years. “The Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd went from a young man with more passion that ability to one of GCW’s most reliable workers – his match against Joey Janela last fall solidified Lloyd as one of the more versatile members of the roster.

Joey Janela vs. Jordan Oliver

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Speaking of “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela, he’s making his return to the indies for the first time since his Curtain Call last September (in said match against Lloyd). The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star is still with AEW, but he’s returning to the scene and promotion that helped build him. He’s facing a youngster full of potential in Major League Wrestling (MLW)‘s Jordan Oliver. Only 20 years old, Oliver has already had an impressive run in CZW as the CZW Wired Champion 427-days and continues to shine in GCW and MLW. This could do for Oliver what that September match with Lloyd did for “The Different Boy”.

Mance Warner vs. Allie Kat

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Another MLW star, Mance Warner, returns to GCW on Saturday as Ol’ Mancer looks to square up an old debt. He last faced Allie Kat in singles competition back in 2018 with Black Label Pro, with Allie Kat pulling out the win at National Slampoon’s Wrestling Vacation in the summer of 2018. Mance is now for his hardcore tactics, but Allie Kat is a tougher kitty than she appears – this year alone she’s faced Nick Gage and Matthew Justice in a GCW ring.

GCW World Championship: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Nick Gage

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It’s been a blood feud that’s consumed GCW for the past few months, ever since former CZW World Champion Rickey Shane Page invaded GCW and stole Nick Gage’s World Championship. Since that fateful day in September, RSP has taken the belt around the world as its unofficial defender, before sneaking in and robbing AJ Gray of the GCW title he himself had just won. To combat Gage’s MDK “gang affiliated” fans and foot soldiers, RSP has built his own army, 44.OH!, featuring Atticus Cogar, Gregory Irons, and Eddy Only. Can Rickey finally defeat Gage to cement his GCW world title reign or can Gage regain the title he held for 722-days?

Photo: GCW

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world. GCW Run Rickey Run is airing live on this Saturday.


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