Preview: PROGRESS – Chapter 102 Bang Tidy (2/2/20)

Chapter 102 Bang Tidy

PROGRESS Wrestling make their Welsh debut for chapter 102 Bang Tidy.  Some stars made in Wales like Dani Luna and Elijah get big opportunities and we also get the PROGRESS Farwell of Chris Brookes as he heads off to Japan.  PROGRESS Chapter 102 Bang Tidy is sure to be a good show as PROGRESS look to give the welsh fans a good show.

Chris Ridgeway vs Elijah

Chapter 102 Bang Tidy

Chris Ridgeway was recently announced as the second participant in the SSS16 tournament.  Having spent time in Pro Wrestling NOAH he has improved his overall game but of particular interest is his striking ability.  Elijah is a regular for ATTACK! Pro Wrestling and Dragon Pro Wrestling where he has yet to reach the top of the pile but he has captured tag team gold in multiple companies.  Elijah will be a fan favourite here in his spiritual home as he looks to make an impact on the big stage of PROGRESS.

Mark Andrews vs Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov and Andrews’ met at the previous show in a match that lasted less than 10 seconds.  Dragunov suprised Andrews and got the win after Andrews was denied the right to take the PROGRESS title from Eddie Dennis.  Andrews still believes he can beat Dragunov in a proper match and will be hoping to not get caught by surprise this time around.

PROGRESS Women’s Championship: Jinny (c) vs Dani Luna vs Gisele Shaw

Chapter 102 Bang Tidy

Everyone is gunning for Jinny right about now.  Mercedes Blaze unsuccessfully challenged for the title at Chapter 101 and now Jinny takes on two of the best women’s wrestlers in the UK scene in Dani Luna and Gisele Shaw.  Shaw recently captured the Fierce Females women’s championship and will be looking to follow that up and win PROGRESS gold.  Pro Wrestling SOUL’s women’s champion Dani Luna had a big 2019 and would happily add the PROGRESS women’s title to her collection to kick off her 2020.  With the Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) also looming it’s all eyes on Jinny as she struggles to stay at the top of the division.

PROGRESS Proteus Championship: Paul Robinson (c) vs Danny Jones

Robinson’s run as Proteus champion has seen him take on all comers defeating the likes of Timothy Thatcher, Chris Ridgeway, A-Kid and more.  At Chapter 102 Bang Tidy Robinson will defend against Welsh Dragon Danny Jones.  Jones is just coming off of a tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling and as with most of Robinson’s opponents the KO or submission stipulation will fit his in ring style.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championships: Scotty Davis & Jordan Devlin (c) vs Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

Chapter 102 Bang Tidy

Scotty Davis and Jordan Devlin defend against the AFP who recently got a win over former tag team champions the Grizzled Young Veterans in a big upset.  If they came away from this one with the titles it would be one of the most surprising title changes in PROGRESS history as they take on the brand new NXT Cruiserweight Champion and one of the biggest prospects in Europe.

PROGRESS World Championship: Cara Noir (c) vs Chris Brookes

So to catch anyone up to speed on what they may have missed her.  Chris Brookes went off on PROGRESS on a Schadenstream and publicly tweeted about the “new era” not wanting to use him, during the stream Brookes mentioned how hard he pushed to get Cara Noir booked in PROGRESS, Glen Joseph then responded to a Brookes tweet calling him an edgelord and said he had to push hard to get Brookes booked in the first place (which just makes PROGRESS look dumb considering how hot Brookes was prior to his debut), Brookes responded telling Joseph to grow up and to go write TV, Cara Noir thanked Brookes for helping him.  And guess what folks IT WAS ALL A WORK.  SO now Brookes has his farewell match against Noir and PROGRESS managed to annoy people as usual which was bound to happen when your co-owner calls the most popular man on Twitter an edgelord.

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