Seth Rollins: Following The Messiah

It was just two months ago that all seemed to be lost for Seth Rollins. He lost his Universal Championship to The Fiend. But maybe even more importantly, he lost his way with the fans of the WWE. All hope seemed to be lost for Rollins as he was going into Survivor Series with a direction for the first time all year. Raw then lost as Survivor Series and Rollins felt it was time to make everyone accountable. The attitude of Rollins changed. And maybe for the better. Not the better of those in the locker room or fans around the world, but better for Seth Rollins to refind his footing heading into 2020. He no longer needed to be seen as the face for the WWE Universe, but instead the Messiah of the WWE.

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And so, the “Monday Night Messiah” was born. And as the Messiah has been born, followers have had zero problem linking up with this new savior to make for a new, brighter Monday Night Raw. Here’s the path Rollins has gone down to make all embrace in the Messiah’s vision.

Seth Rollins: Tweet Game… Strong?

Seth Rollins began 2019 as the only hope for the fans of the WWE when it came to someone, anyone dethroning Brock Lesnar. And he managed to do all of that, from winning the Royal Rumble to winning the Universal Championship from Lesnar not once but twice. But something changed on his way to that second championship win as he became quite full of himself on Twitter. He got in a war of words with Will Ospreay about who was the best wrestler in the world, with his final number being him talking about his bank account as his final argument. Rollins had words for his former Shield brother and now AEW star, Jon Moxley, saying he took his ball and went home.

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These were only a few instances of a summer where Rollins created a villain in himself as he tried to stand up for his company and himself included. Personalities such as Paige and CM Punk told Rollins to get himself off of Twitter because it was only going to hurt him more. Chants of “Seth’s not cool” from the crowd were possibly the final nail in the coffin for Rollins who needed to make the change sooner rather than later to get his own career back on track. By all accounts, he had no problem turning on the crowd that turned on him first.

“Your Negativity Has Become A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”

For about a month, the fans and Kevin Owens pinned the attacks of AOP to Seth Rollins being the mastermind behind those attacks. And sure, that was fair, Rollins continued to state none of it was him. It did not help that following one of the attacks by Akam and Rezar on Owens, Rollins planted KO with a stomp for good measure before walking out. But that as clearly Rollins getting payback for the Stunner that Owens had hit on him. But then was the night Owens went hunting with the steel pipe. He was hunting for the AOP.

He began to attack their van before they showed up and beat him down. Then a man in the van would reveal themselves. It was Seth Rollins, who officially aligned himself with the tag team to show the world that it was time for him to go into business selfishly with the crowd against him. But Rollins got on the mic and delivered why this was what needed to happen. He made the fans know that the negativity that they brought to the world became a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. To make Raw better, to be the leader they wanted him to be. And in doing so, he made their fiction a reality by joining the AOP officially. Rollins turned it completely around on the fans, making sure they paid for their lies.


Seth Rollins: The Monday Night Messiah Is Born

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Being a leader is grand and all. But being a Messiah is a whole different idea. Seth Rollins wanted to not only be the leader the fans needed on Raw, but he instead billed himself as the “Monday Night Messiah”. With AOP by his side, he firmly believes that change can be real in the WWE. He can bring that change because in his eyes, who is going to stop him? Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and the Big Show attempted to be a roadblock in the way of this change, but they learned first hand that the “Monday Night Messiah” has the power to help those who hurt, help those who need to find a new path in their career. This, of course, all showed on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw.

Best Kept Secret Turned Lost New Follower

Rollins brought all of this on himself heading into Raw this week. He made it clear that Kevin Owens is one of his targets. Samoa Joe thought he could stand to the AOP, so he happened to become a casualty along the way. And last week, Big Show returned to join forces with the two men, leading to the first-ever Fist Fight on Raw between all six competitors. And while this match was bonkers from the start, something more came from it. Prior to this, Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy had their third bout against each other. Murphy was determined to show that he had what it takes to defeat Black despite coming up short two times prior. But instead, he was faded to black yet again as Aleister Black walked out victorious once again.

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As the main event Fist Fight was underway, Rollins rolled to the outside of the ring where Murphy was sitting. You could hear him saying “help us”. Join the Messiah and get yourself back on track. As Big Show attempted to knockout Rollins, Murphy rolled into the ring and pledged his allegiance to the “Monday Night Messiah”. Rollins and AOP accomplished victory thanks to Murphy, as the end of the show saw them all stand tall together.

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Rollins has changed his career path dramatically in two months’ time. As his fans went from being supporters to his biggest enemies, he has turned his colleagues into followers as he seems to be proving that the self-fulfilling prophecy is that the “Monday Night Messiah” and followers can bring the change to Monday nights.

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