Tessa Blanchard Loses First Booking Due to Past Allegations

Impact Wrestling

It was supposed to be her golden hour. With the world expecting her to claim the IMPACT World Championship on Sunday night at IMPACT Hard To Kill, following a months-long feud with Sami Callihan, a simple tweet from Tessa Blanchard on the weekend stirred up a series of allegations from many of the peers she’s wrestled with/against.

A simple enough statement, trying to rally the women’s wrestlers around the world to support and pick each other up, it ended up backfiring, as multiple top women’s wrestlers from a diverse range of promotions came out of the woodwork to call hypocrisy on her tweet. WWE Superstar Chelsea Green was one of the first to call B.S. on Tessa’s statement, as she was victim first hand of bullying from Tessa in the past.

Tessa initially responded to the allegations, particularly Chelsea Green’s, saying that they were “silly decisions” she made in the past. The allegations all seem to stem from several years ago when Tessa was still a teenager learning the craft.

But while several wrestlers discussed Tessa’s alleged bullying, it was NWA Women’s World Champion Allysin Kay (formerly Sienna in IMPACT Wrestling) who opened a new can of worms – that Tessa used a racial slur against a black wrestler while in Japan (she toured Stardom in 2016 and 2017).

Kay’s announcement opened up more women who had been privately confided in the racial slur, which was revealed to be against Puerto Rican wrestler La Rosa Negra. Newly signed AEW talent Big Swole (aka Aerial Monroe) fired the first shot to support the racial slur allegations, on behalf of La Rosa.

Another AEW wrestler, recent signee Shanna, also chimed in on her time in Japan with Tessa and showed support to La Rosa.

Another indie star (and wife of WWE Superstar Drake Maverick) Renee Michelle also recounted her own story of the La Rosa incident.

Tessa Blanchard Loses First Booking Due to Past Allegations

But now it appears that promoters are taking notice of the situation, with Tessa losing her first booking since the allegations surfaced online – Texas indie Heavy Metal Wrestling announced on Sunday morning that they were pulling Tessa from their upcoming January 24 event due to the allegations.

Hopefully, these were just the actions of a young woman finding her way in the world and not a deeper ingrained problem, as Tessa Blanchard is poised to be one of the top stars of 2020.

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