#AndNEW: Dragon Gate Landscape Changes At Final Gate 2019

Final Gate
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Dragon Gate is one of the biggest promotions in terms of audience and fan recognition. Known for the style of Lucharesu. Dragon Gate has had many great stars come from the promotion. Guys like Ricochet, Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann and PAC have all been in the company in their careers, even having a USA promotion known as Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA). Since the closing of DGUSA. Dragon Gate has been doing more work in Japan with a focus on becoming one of the top promotions in Japan. Very recently, Dragon Gate did the show The Final Gate which was the final big show of the year. With multiple title matches on the show, some of them changed and today I’m covering it.

R.E.D (Hyo, Takashi Yoshida & Diamante) Become New Open The Triangle Gate Champions.

Final Gate

The Open The Triangle Gate Championship is one title that always features the best trios matches, The Strong Machines were the champions for the event and faced off against the factions R.E.D and Natural Vibes (Kzy, Genki Horiguchi & Susumu Yokosuka) and it was elimination based, by the end of it we had brand new trios champions as the faction known as R.E.D won the titles for the second time in the faction history. Takashi Yoshida has had been a roster member for years and is a longlasting trios wrestler. This is Yoshida’s eight-time holding this championship with H.Y.O and Diamante’s first time holding championship gold in Dragon Gate.

Tribe Vanguard (Yamato & BxB Hulk) Become New Open The Twin Gate Championship

The Twin Gate Championships is the tag team title of Dragon Gate and has been heavily dominated by The RED Faction for almost half of the year. The champions Big R Shimizu and Eita defended the championships against the veteran team BxB Hulk and Yamato. Yamato being a former Dream Gate Champion and former 9 times Tag Champion and BxB Hulk being a former tag champion as well.

By the end of this match, Tribe Vanguard would regain the tag champions for the 10th time in Yamato’s career and 7th time in BXB’s career… but, at an event two days later called Fantastic Gate, BXB Hulk would turn on Tribe Vanguard to join the R.E.D Faction. The tag titles could be vacant soon.

Naruki Doi Becomes New Open The Dream Gate Champion.

Final Gate

The open the dream gate championship is considered the top championship in Dragon Gate. A championship that’s been held by guys like, Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, Yamato, Shingo Takagi and many more, the champion Ben K has been champion for over 140+ days. In his reign, he defeated PAC to become champion, then defeated Masaaki Mochizuki, Yamato, Masato Yoshino and would eventually face off against his opponent, Naruki Doi. Naruki Doi has been considered a tag and trios guy for almost his entire career. Holding the trios belts over 14 different times in his over 15 year run in the company and has only won the world championship once in his career.

It became a running joke that Naruki Doi never regained the title, considering whenever he faced off against other top champions he would fail. But after 24 minutes of fantastic in-ring action. Naruki Doi would finally pick up the Open The Dream Gate Championship for the 2nd time in his career. The future of his reign is unknown. But the only thing that is certain is Dragon Gate is doing many things to start 2020 off with a bang with them celebrating their 15th Anniversary next year.

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