Raw Highlights Rundown – Asuka Faces NXT’s Deonna Purrazzo (12/16/19)


In the fallout from TLC, Monday Night Raw was live from Des Moines, Iowa for a big-time show where questions would be answered and the road to the Royal Rumble would officially begin. Plenty of questions were set to be answered, including many wondering about the health of Kairi Sane, what is next for Seth Rollins, and plenty more. As December is viewed as the “dead” period of the WWE, We here hope to get the best out of each show for you. Here are the highlights.

Seth Rollins / AOP Send A Message To Rey Mysterio

Photo / WWE

Seth Rollins and his groupies, the Authors Of Pain, made their way down early in the night to let it be known that they are going to make the landscape of Raw learn what they are all about. Doing this, Rollins alluded to the rumors that he was not a leader, saying he was. He warned the fans that he and the AOP have to take care of some business later on in the night, He noted that he knows for a fact people will not like it, but it is business that has to be taken cared of.

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A gauntlet match was set between Andrade, Ricochet, Matt Hardy, Humberto Carrillo, R-Truth, and Akira Tozawa and ended when Andrade incapacitated Carrillo on the cement floor. This led to Rey Mysterio coming down to the ring to check on Carrillo. This would leave him alone and give Seth Rollins and AOP to pounce. For those wondering why it was Mysterio who gave Kevin Owens the steel pipe to hunt down the AOP. He carried this down to the ring and the beating was on. Rollins stated he wouldn’t send him to the hospital, but a Stomp would leave the United States Champion laying. After the match, Rollins put down the challenge to Mysterio for a one on one matchup for next week. It would be accepted by the legend, himself.

Becky Lynch NEEDS Asuka

Becky Lynch had a sit-down interview with Charly Caruso to discuss her past couple of months and her match last night. “The Man” discussed how she thought being moved to the tag team division recently was the “system” that held her down was trying to do that all over again. But she realized it was not that, but instead they were trying to protect the Raw Women’s Champion. Caruso then asked the question about how some see Asuka being the one who deserves the Raw Women’s Championship, which led Lynch to stare directly into the camera and get serious again. Becky Lynch informed the world that she needs to face Asuka. Not for people in the back to be happy, but for her to prove something to herself. She made the comment that the “Empress of Tomorrow” was the only person she has not beaten in the past year-plus. She wants to right that wrong anytime, anywhere.

Raw MVP: Asuka vs Deonna Purrazzo

First off, Kairi Sane did make her way out with Asuka. A pleasant sight to see after a tough night for one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions a night ago. Now, we may have to rename the “Raw MVP” to the Asuka or Kabuki Warriors moment of the week as for the third straight week, they remain the best of the rest from Raw. A credit to them, as it was just a few months ago you couldn’t see either woman on television and now they are the centerpiece of Raw. Rightfully so. Anyways, to the highlight on the night. Asuka was in singles action to show dominance, or so she thought. A surprise debut occurred by “The Virtuosa” of NXT, Deonna Purrazzo. A woman we have not seen for a while but we’re happy to. Unfortunately, the fans in the arena did not know her… yet.

“The Virtuosa” went right at Asuka, hitting her with a kick as soon as the bell rang to let everyone know she meant business. She brought it to Asuka, including hitting a perfect Reverse STO for a close two count and even locked in the Fujiwara Armbar on. Asuka, the crafted and gifted talent she is, found a way to get out and use submissions to her advantage instead. She eventually locked on the Asuka Lock chicken wing submission to win the match and show dominance for the second straight night. While the match was not long by any means, it was certainly enjoyable to watch as a fan.

On a night where Randy Orton pinned AJ Styles and Asuka ruled the night once again, it wasn’t the best Raw by any means. The struggles continued but the Kabuki Warriors’ greatness shined through. Next week’s episode of Raw was taped as the wrestlers will have the first half of the week off due to Christmas.

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