SmackDown Highlights – Roman Reigns Officially ‘Unchained’ (12/13/19)

Some may forget that TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is this weekend but it sure is, which means this was the go-home edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Could they recover from the dog food segment last week? Also, with a Miz interview scheduled, fans had to know that Bray Wyatt would have something up his sleeve. Here are the highlights.

Photo: WWE

No Flips. Just Trips. And Good Tag Team Wrestling

Most fans have probably seen by now that Dash Wilder of The Revival fell flat on his butt as they made their entrance and neither he, Scott Dawson, or their opponents Mustafa Ali and Shorty G could hold back their laughter. And while this will more than likely be what everyone remembers from this match and maybe all of SmackDown, do not overlook this tag team match. Back and forth these two teams went as the Wisconsin crowd chanted “this is awesome” following the efforts given. What fans also may overlook is the fact that more and more each week Mustafa Ali solidifies himself as one of the top babyfaces of the blue brand. Anyways, the finish of the match came when Ali attempted to hit a tornado DDT from the second rope and was caught by The Revival who would hit a picture-perfect Shatter Machine. Great tag team wrestling. What an enjoyable idea.

Bray Wyatt Sends The Miz A Final Message

Renee Young would conduct an interview from The Miz’s home in Los Angeles as he stayed home to remain with his family. He talked about how despite his differences with Daniel Bryan, he hopes he is alright. Then he added when Young asked him if he was scared that he doesn’t have a choice on Sunday. Once he brought his family into the picture, he had to accept the match. Then you could hear Maryse yell as they stared at the baby cam and Bray Wyatt appeared and told them to “Let Me In”. They ran to find Monroe Sky, who had a doll with the face of “The Fiend“. Then right after, the Firefly Fun House began. Bray, with a smile on his face, held the doll and talked about seeing him Sunday of course. Even though this match has really only been two weeks in the making, seeing the regular Bray in his first match in a long time is quite exciting.

SmackDown MVP: Roman Reigns

“The Big Dog” has officially got back into badass mode. They teased all night long that Roman Reigns was “unchained” (stupid dog joke) and on the hunt for King Corbin after last week. By the end of the show, that was clear. Roman Reigns came down to the ring as Corbin and Dolph Ziggler attempted to put dog food on Kofi Kingston. Reigns cleaned out all of the security guards and got his hands on both Ziggler and Corbin with Superman Punches. The Revival came down and helped out, leading to Reigns having some difficulty but he would get help from The New Day. Climbing up the ladder, he would chokeslam Ziggler through the announce table and clean him out as he stood tall above all. This Sunday, Reigns better prove why SmackDown is his yard once again.

Did SmackDown get you excited for TLC? Or will you be looking for another form of television that night? Either way, the card has potential and a determined Roman Reigns is going to start his thunderous road to WrestleMania. This show is a must-see as it is the last meaningful of 2019 heading into one of the biggest years WWE has had in some time.

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