AEW Dynamite Highlights – Moxley Receives Offer From Jericho (12/11/19)

AEW Dynamite

The best night of the week for professional wrestling was back again as AEW Dynamite was ready to light up the world once again with an insane tag team match scheduled for one fall and the fallout from Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle coming down last week following Jon Moxley’s match with Joey Janela. Instead of rambling on, let’s get to the best of the absolute best from Dynamite.

Moxley Wins In Quick Fashion, Met With Proposition By Le Champion

AEW Dynamite

Jon Moxley is a megastar. That much is clear. What is also clear is he may be the hottest wrestler going in AEW right now. He picked up the fastest win in the history of AEW as he instantly hit a Paradigm Shift on his opponent. After the short match, Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle made their way down to the ring but did not attack Mox. Instead, Jericho brought up how it was a decade ago that Moxley came to Jericho asking him how to be a main event star. How they went to war and beat the life out of each other. And how Moxley is now that main event star. Jericho may be more so wanting to avoid fighting Moxley, but this offer was one that no one can blame him for. “Le Champion” offered Moxley to join the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle left without an answer but told Mox he has time to think.

The Butcher. The Blade. And The Bunny Find Success In Their First Match vs Cody and QT Marshall as Darby Allin Surprises

They don’t have a tag team name and their names seem to be impossible to say in a single sentence. But what we did learn is that The Butcher. The Blade. And the Bunny knows how to get the job done. QT Marshall showed out as much as he could in the aid of Cody but in the end, The Better Dark Order had enough to pin Marshall with a devastating combination. Following the match, Darby Allin made his way down to inform Cody that he has his back… as long as he gives him a rematch later on from their match that went to a time-limit draw at Fyter Fest.

Luchasaurus Defeats Sammy Guevara… Jungle Boy Pins Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho has been focused on Jon Moxley the past couple of weeks but has also unexpectedly been dealing with the Jurassic Express as well. Luchasaurus went one on one with Sammy Guevara and not too shockingly won it in a hard-fought match. Almost immediately the AEW World Champion and Jake Hager brought the fight to the Jurassic Express. In a fantastic sequence, Jungle Boy pinned Jericho for the imaginary three count as the crowd erupted. This sense Jericho into insanity to make it clear that will not happen next week. We will have to see.

Dynamite of the Night: Texas Street Fight

Any time the Young Bucks are in a match with no rules, you know it is going to be insane. The rivalry between the Bucks and Proud N Powerful found its final stage on Wednesday night as a Texas Street Fight was made. Before Matt and Nick could even make it to their signature pose on the entranceway, the brawl was on. Brandon Cutler was put through the stage by Santana and Ortiz. Nick Jackson hit a beautiful Swanton through a table but only got a two count. Further ahead into the match, these four men beat the life out of each other. Jake Hager made his way down to the ring and pulled the ref out of the ring, leading to a knee to the head of the ref and eliminating him from the match.

More Bang for Your Buck was hit as Aubrey Edwards ran down to the ring to make the count but did not matter as a kick out occurred. Santana and Ortiz would hit the Street Sweeper finish onto a garbage can but Nick would pull the ref out of the ring to save the match. Finally, the end was here as Matt Jackson would Superkick Ortiz’s head through a chair held by Nick Jackson, allowing them to hit the Meltzer Driver on Ortiz with two chairs underneath to win the match and advance to an AEW World Tag Team Championship match next week against SCU.

Dynamite. Another great outing and one of the better episodes in recent weeks. Next week will include an AEW World Tag Team Championship match and Chris Jericho taking on Jungle Boy.

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