Survivor Series Preview: Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne

Survivor Series

NXT TakeOver: WarGames has come and gone, which means an NXT Championship match for Survivor Series has been made official. Pete Dunne won the triple threat match against Damien Priest and Killian Dain to earn this opportunity at Adam Cole‘s NXT Championship. Pete Dunne will actually have the advantage going into this one following the main event of WarGames, as Adam Cole came crashing down at the hands of Tommaso Ciampa via Air Raid through two tables in a match he came up short. This is a unique preview because there is absolutely no build behind it, so let’s look at the tale of the tape.

Pete Dunne

Survivor Series
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Accolades: WWE United Kingdom Champion (Longest Reigning Champion In The Modern Era for 685 days)

Pete Dunne is the reason NXT UK is a brand. He and his championship reign became something fans will never forget. From his unbelievable match against Tyler Bate in which he won the championship to his final day when WALTER had enough to finally end the reign, Dunne became a stud that people quickly learned were the real deal. Since coming over from the UK and becoming a full-time NXT superstar, he has been stuck in this intense feud with Damien Priest which he has now put to an end. A lot of people believe Tommaso Ciampa could be the man to un-crown Adam Cole, but Pete Dunne is very capable to be that man. If he did, he would become the first man to hold the United Kingdom and NXT Championships.

Adam Cole

Accolades: Current NXT Champion, First-Ever NXT North American Champion, NXT Tag Team Champion, 2018 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner

Adam Cole has done it all and then some when it comes to his career so far in NXT. He has won every single title there is to win, the only annual tournament the brand has to offer, and happens to be the reigning, defending NXT Champion. The Undisputed Era’s unquestioned leader has been a focal point in NXT since the moment he stepped into it back in 2017 and only continues to make history. He is currently undergoing the best month of his entire career and could make it the perfect month with a win over Dunne at Survivor Series. There is a reason Cole is the face of the NXT when they go to war against Raw and SmackDown, but he could be ailing enough tomorrow to lose his momentum altogether.

Adam Cole and Pete Dunne have met once before in a triple threat bout that also involved Ricochet, so they have enough history to know what to expect. And yes, fans are going to thinking Dunne has the clear advantage heading into this match and while that may be the case, Dunne suffered a left knee injury that could come into play, scratch that. Will come into play as Cole is one of the smartest in all of the WWE. Not only can this match steal the show and continuing solidifying NXT’s place in the entire company, but it can be Adam Cole’s crowning moment of the next “it” factor when he gets the call to the main roster, or his ultimate fall from grace if Dunne were to snatch the championship from him.

Time will tell, but this will certainly be one hell of a match.

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