The NWA Powerrr Recap (11/5/19)

NWA Powerrr

NWA Powerrr kicks off this week with a recap of Eli Drake and his recent appearances, most recently, last week’s episode when he influenced the match between team Storm and team Aldis. It appeared as though the trailer was hinting at something with Eli Drake soon to be in the title picture. The opening intro kicks off right after.

Colt Cabana opens the show interviewing with David Marquez about his match tonight against James Storm, and telling us about being in the main event and being a main eventer and earning that status due to all the years he has put into pro-wrestling. Cabana exits and Aron Stevens enters the studio for a quick interview telling us that his loss to Ricky Starks was a fluke and that he would redeem that loss soon.

The Dawsons vs. Mims & Kingsley

Our first match of the night has the Dawsons facing off against Matthew Mims & Jordan Kingsley. The Dawsons, of course, have some momentum coming off of their victory against Eddie Kingston and Homicide. A quick match with The Dawsons going over and briefly interviewing with David Marquez. The Dawsons claim they need a tag title shot since they have beaten the number one contenders already. Eddie Kingston and Homicide come out to congratulate The Dawsons but tell the Dawsons if they want that title shot to they should wrestle Kingston and Homicide one more time. Kingston and Homicide still have a shot at the titles and decided to put that shot up for another match against the Dawsons, the Dawsons reply with “we’ll think about it”.

An interview with Joe Gali and Tim Storm to discuss his recent woes and what’s next. Tim Storm talks about how Nick Aldis is an incredible champion, however, he does not know what the future is for him, despite the possibility of holding other titles in the NWA. Nick Aldis interrupts the interview and takes Tim Storm aside for a quick chat. Aldis provides Storm with words of encouragement telling him because of Storm and Aldis, this new NWA is what it is today. He concludes by telling Storm not to say something he would regret and that he knows who he (Storm) is.

Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa

A match with Ashley Vox and Thunder Rosas’s first match in the NWA is next. Thunder Rosa’s gear is quite striking, donning the Dia de Los Muertos face paint on one side of her face and wearing black and white gear with Skulls throughout her gear. The match had a dominating performance from Thunder Rosa as she winds up finishing Vox with a stomp on her back from the top rope to then get the pin. Thunder Rosa then continues to beat up Vox until Marti Belle comes to Vox’s rescue. Thunder Rosa seems to offer the beaten Vox to Belle as if to offer her a sacrifice. After the match, David Marquez interviews Belle to ask her what was the situation with Rosa. Belle says she had no clue but directed her attention to Allysin Kay, The NWA Women’s Champion. Kay comes out and confronts Belle but is quickly jumped from behind by Thunder Rosa. Rosa grabs Kay and brings her to the ring and continues to beat Kay. Belle comes to the ring and Rosa again offers Kay to Belle. Belle quickly thinks about it and ATTACKS Kay. Belle proceeds to leave with Rosa.

Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens – 2 out of 3 Falls Match

The match quickly begins with Aron Stevens trying to jump Ricky Starks from behind, but Starks reverses the attempt and rolls up Stevens for the first fall. It’s worth noting, Stevens has an unusual choice for ring gear on this episode. In the second fall, Starks has the majority of the match but Stevens turns the match in his favors and punishes Starks with knees to the back, forearm shots to the chest and back of Starks. After pandering to the crowd, Stevens finds himself on the losing end as Starks again comes up with the wind. A shocked Stevens continues to argue with the crowd after the match.

RetroMania Wrestling

The NWA Champion is shown playing video games saying they’re too hard and introduces that the NWA is coming to the RetroMania Wrestling, coming to the PC, Nintendo, Switch PS4 and X-Box One. Stars like himself, Austin Idol, and Colt Cabana will be in the game. You can also wrestle for the NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold. The game is coming to a system near you in 2020.

NWA National Championship – James Storm (C) vs. Colt Cabana 

Colt Cabana comes out with Ken Anderson while James Storm comes out with Eli Drake. The match saw some back and forth from both men and saw some controversy between Eli Drake and Ken Anderson when Eli Drake got on the ring apron to help Storm out, however, Anderson grabbed Drake by the leg and took him down, the two would point fingers at each other when all of a sudden Kamille would come from behind Drake and push him to the floor. The scene distracted Storm from the match which led to Cabana taking advantage of the situation and getting the win to become the new NWA National Champion.

After the match, the Dawsons came out to the stage and got on the mic and took Kingston and Homicide’s challenge. The two teams got into an impromptu match which saw interference from The Wild Cards when they tried keeping Homicide from jumping from the top rope at one point in the match, but the legendary tag team of the Rock N Roll Express would come for the save and take out the Wildcards. In the end, Outlaw Inc. would find their way to victory and keep their number one contender spot for the tag titles. Kingston and Homicide would celebrate with a returning Rock N Roll Express.

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