La Parka Suffers Neck And Cervical Fracture

La Parka

During a match with RUSH at an event celebrating the 64th Anniversary of the Coliseo De Monterrey in Mexico, La Parka suffered a brutal injury to his head and neck after a failed suicide dive attempt. EMT’s were called right away, as he was unconscious after the impact throughout the time he was transported to the hospital.

Later, he woke up and communicated that he couldn’t feel his arms or legs upon arriving at the hospital, however, as time passed, he began to get feeling once again. It was reported by Superluchas that he will be undergoing neck surgery, as he suffered a neck and cervical fracture. The surgery which took place this morning is to repair both.

Parka, who’s real name is Jesus Alonso Huerta Escoboza, began working for AAA Lucha Libre back in 1995 under a mummy gimmick and named Karis La Momia (Karis The Mummy). In 1996, Jesus became La Parka Jr. which was done in part by Antonio Pena to capitalize on the success of the original La Parka, and in 2003, he became the new La Parka when the original headed to rival promotion, CMLL. The original Parka has since continued wrestling under the name L.A. Park (which stands for La Auténtica Parka).

He has been a staple of AAA Lucha Libre and continues to perform to this very day. He recently appeared at this past weekend’s Heroes Inmortales in an angle with Konnan and a brief return of Vampiro, who wound up helping him after being attached by La Parka Negra and others. The angle has been a long-standing one that could ultimately involve La Parkas’ son as he was attacked earlier in the year by Los Mercernarios who Konnan was siding with at the time.

We wish Parka all the best and a speedy recovery.

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