SmackDown Highlights – Night 1 WWE Draft Results (10/11/19)

An action-packed night of Friday Night SmackDown has come and gone as the 2019 WWE Draft has kicked off. Here at LWOPW, we will cover each and every selection on the night as well as include highlights from a night that included a new champion being crowned. Before diving in, here are the predictions for the first show and first overall choice. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

For the First Draft Pick: Raw’s Seth Rollins vs SmackDown’s Roman Reigns

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It was announced during the week that the first draft pick would be decided between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as they would represent their respective brands in singles action. Plenty of back and forth between the former Shield brothers, including some clever reversals throughout. As the match neared a close, Reigns went for a Spear and was caught with a modified Pedigree by Rollins for a near fall. As Rollins stomped his foot in hopes of burning it down, the lights went out and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt was here. “The Fiend” climbed out of the ring, pulling Rollins into the hole in the middle. Due to this occurring, Raw was granted the first overall selection in the draft because of disqualification.

Draft Results

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1st Round

1.1 – Raw selects Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch becomes the first-ever woman to be the first overall choice in a WWE Draft. “The Man” has been the centerpiece of the WWE for over a year now and will be the face of Raw.

1.2 – SmackDown selects Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was the man that FOX wanted and the man FOX got. He will help lead SmackDown to successful days ahead as “The Big Dog” remains on the blue brand. Seems it is time for Reigns to get back in the title hunt.

1.3 – Raw selects The O.C.

Raw gets three for the price of one as The O.C. remains together unlike the last WWE Draft when they were separated. AJ Styles brings the United States Championship with him.

1.4 – SmackDown selects “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

If there were any shocking selections in this one, it was the selection of “The Fiend”. Bray will move on to SmackDown where he will bring the Firefly Fun House and all of his friends with him.

1.5 – Raw selects Drew McIntyre

Big things are on the way for Drew McIntyre as he was selected as the last choice of the first round, remaining on Monday nights.

2nd Round

2.1 – Raw selects Randy Orton

“The Viper” Randy Orton brings a veteran presence to Monday Night Raw as the first pick of the second round. Orton will be chasing his 14th world championship.

2.2 – SmackDown selects Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks made it clear since she returned from her time off that this is her division. As the first woman selected for SmackDown, she can claim it right off the bat. She will have a chance to represent on Monday as she battles Becky Lynch for the first pick of the night.

2.3 – Raw selects Ricochet

With the draft over for someone like Ricochet, it becomes time for him to just take off and grab this opportunity. “WWE’s Resident Superhero” is going to be a star, so buckle up.

2.4 – SmackDown selects Braun Strowman

The man who prepares for his match with Tyson Fury is now dawning the blue, as Braun Strowman gets a chance at a needed fresh start.

2.5 – Raw selects Bobby Lashley

The recently returned Bobby Lashley now knows his home which is Monday Night Raw. “The All Mighty” definitely hopes to find some more success now that he is back.

3rd Round

3.1 – Raw selects Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss will remain on Raw as she may enter back into the singles title picture of the women’s division.

3.2 – SmackDown selects Lacey Evans

SmackDown has just got a lot classier. Lacey Evans has a chance to really stand out now on SmackDown as the second women taken for the women’s division.

3.3 – Raw selects Kevin Owens

The best pick of the draft so far. Kevin Owens in the third round will go to be a great choice for Raw long term as the former Universal Champion hopes to return to that level once again.

3.4 – SmackDown selects SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival

Finally, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions are actually apart of SmackDown. The Revival are a sweet selection here as the first true tag off the board.

3.5 – Raw selects Natalya

Natalya remains on Raw as the last choice of the third round.

4th Round

4.1 – Raw selects The Viking Raiders

With a Raw Tag Team Championship match coming this Monday, the undefeated Vikings Raiders could be the best selection this late.

4.2 – SmackDown selects Lucha House Party

An odd one here as the Lucha House Party were the only 205 Live competitors to be selected.

4.3 – Raw selects Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross remains on the same brand as her tag partner, Alexa Bliss.

4.4 – SmackDown selects Heavy Machinery

Another team added to SmackDown as Otis and Tucker prepare to chase their first tag titles.

4.5 – Raw selects The Street Profits

The final selection of the night comes in the form of The Street Profits as they finally can get wrestling in their seemingly official call-up to the main roster.

SmackDown MVP: Bayley

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Oh boy. A surprise no one was ready for but was incredibly welcomed. Bayley has debuted a new haircut, no longer sporting the ponytail and destroyed all the inflatable tube men in her entrance. Bayley is new after Charlotte Flair won the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell, beating her and leaving Bayley lost. She got her rematch and used it to her advantage. Shortcuts and aggressiveness were exemplified all match long out of Bayley. Bayley screamed at the referee as she failed to nab a pinfall victory. As she screamed, Charlotte hit the Natural Selection and attempted to lock her into the Figure 8. Bayley managed to roll Charlotte up, shockingly winning the championship back just five days after she lost it. The new Bayley then grabbed a microphone, calling the fans bitches and telling them all to screw. Bayley has been reborn.

An eventful night to say the least as a new champion has been crowned for the second straight week, with Bayley becoming the new champion and completely changing everything she stands for. The WWE Draft continues this Monday on Raw as Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will battle for the first pick of the night. Be sure to check back for all WWE Draft coverage and much more.

Highlights from this show can be seen on WWE’s YouTube page.

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