#AndNEW: Charlotte Flair, Kabuki Warriors Winners At Hell in a Cell

Hell in a CEll
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Hell in a Cell ended in controversy as the new champion everyone had hoped for did not come to fruition. Instead, fans saw two new champions in the Women’s Division, including a win that was long overdue. #AndNEW of Hell in a Cell coming right up.

The Kabuki Warriors win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Photo: WWE

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were fine WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. It was the most we had seen the titles on TV since WrestleMania during their reign, so that was the real plus. It looked like they were going to retain as well, but it was all for not. The match between the champions and The Kabuki Warriors was made just hours prior to the show. Asuka and Kairi Sane earned the opportunity when they pinned Fire and Desire on the final SmackDown LIVE. In this bout, Asuka and Sane were more aggressive and dangerous than any of their matches before. Cross seemed to have won the match at one point when she reversed the InSane Elbow with knees, leading to her Hanging Swing Neckbreaker, but Asuka broke it up.

As the match came to the end, Asuka found the opportunity to spit green mist, ala Tajiri and The Great Muta, into the face of Cross before hitting her with a devastating kick to the head to pick up the victory. Thus winning the tag titles for The Kabuki Warriors for the first time, something that was long overdue.

Charlotte Flair wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Photo: WWE

10. Charlotte Flair has made history, winning a record 10th women’s championship overall. Her and Bayley went one-on-one once again, just a month after Clash of Champions where Bayley managed a short-handed victory. This time comes just two days after Charlotte had Bayley tapping in tag team action. Early on, Bayley worked the leg over, attacking Charlotte with multiple maneuvers before “The Queen” managed to turn it around. Bayley would then see her leg worked on by Charlotte as she did all she could to weaken the leg of the now former champion, setting her up for the Figure 8 later on in the match. The ended came when Bayley attempted to use the ropes as an advantage but the referee noticed before the three count. Bayley fought it before meeting a Big Boot, then eventually the Figure 8. Charlotte Flair would then become the 10-time champion.

A legacy submitted and a win completely overdue, the women’s division has seen a remodel. The fans, of course, did not get the title win they had hoped for, but it was rather nice to see two women like Asuka and Sane get their moment.

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