Raw Highlights Rundown – Brock Lesnar Victimizes Rey and Dominick (9/30/19)

Raw Recap
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The season premiere of Monday Night Raw and the first event of the huge week of wrestling we have ahead had come and gone. New stage, pyro, all the new stuff as a new age for WWE and pro wrestling is now upon us. Highlights galore as Crown Jewel events are already being made as well as this being the go-home episode for Hell in a Cell. With a Miz TV to remember and multiple championship matches scheduled, it was a high stakes type of night. Here are those Raw highlights of the action packed night.

Raw Highlights: Brock Lesnar Lays Waste Of Rey Mysterio and Dominick

Raw Recap
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Monday Night Raw opened with excitement as Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship would be the main event of the evening. Quickly, that all changed as Mysterio kicked off the show to talk about their match later while thanking his son, Dominick, at ringside for giving him the nudge to get back in the ring to fight. Soon enough, the music of Brock Lesnar would hit as Lesnar made way to the ring with Paul Heyman in tow. Brock would take the mic from Rey to hand to Heyman, but he had none of it and grabbed it back. This would lead to the downfall of Mysterio as Brock would instantly brutalize Mysterio, hitting F5 after F5.

Lesnar would turn his attention to Dominick at ringside, grabbing him and brutalizing him as well. From smashing him into the ring post to hitting a massive german suplex, Dominick was down and out. He would hit Rey again before Dominick would have to be stretched out, ending the night and disallowing the Universal Championship match. Lesnar faces Kofi Kingston in the main event of Friday Night SmackDown this week for the WWE Championship.

Team Hogan vs Team Flair Announced For Crown Jewel

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Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair would be brought out for Miz TV, a Miz TV that Miz called the biggest ever. Hogan and Flair both stood in the ring and from the start, Ric Flair seemed as though he wanted none of Hogan. “The Nature Boy” made the point Hogan may have been the biggest draw, but when it came down to being in that ring, no one could touch him. This led to the men getting each others faces before shaking hands and laughing about it afterwards. Miz would then announce at Crown Jewel (sigh) it would be Team Hogan vs Team Flair in a five on five elimination match with captains and they would be the coaches. Great. Just great.

Hogan would introduce Universal Champion Seth Rollins as his captain, while Ric Flair would introduce former Evolution peer Randy Orton as his. It would be revealed soon after that Flair’s team would also include King Corbin, while Hogan’s will include Rusev. With two members for each team already announced, it will be interesting to see how they go about this with the “Wild Card Rule” coming to an end next week.

Bobby Lashley is BACK… With Lana?

Raw Recap
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During the main event between Rusev and Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley would make his return to WWE. He would point, signaling that someone else would be following him. It turned out to be Lana. We learned earlier in the night from Rusev that things at home were not going well, which led to this. Lashley had his hands all over Lana as Rusev watched out as they would end up making out. Lashley and Lana. That’s a thing. This is nowhere close to being over.

The Fiend Finally Puts His Hands On Seth Rollins

Raw Recap
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Earlier in the night, a Firefly Fun House would grace our screens once again. Bray Wyatt and all of his friends would be there, but the Fun House characters would all be shivering in fear. So much so that Rambling Rabbit seemingly died during the show. Bray wasn’t to worry as he threw him to the side and asked why everyone was so scared. The answer made plenty sense as they answered that they had been scared of what “The Fiend” will do to Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Bray joked he would go tell “The Fiend” to be careful before laughing it off. It would end with him asking to “let him in” before the Fun House was over for the week.

As Rusev looked on at Bobby Lashley and Lana, the lights would begin to go out. Before long, Rollins was struggling on the outside as “The Fiend” went for Seth. This was the first time since Clash of Champions, as Hell in a Cell moves closer and close. The show went off the air as Bray Wyatt’s laugh filled the arena. “The Fiend’s” time is near.

The huge week of wrestling continues as AEW, NXT, and SmackDown’s debut on Fox are still to come. Make sure to check back all weel long for the best content covering all these events as well as previewing Hell in a Cell this Sunday.

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