“This Is Your Life”: 20 Years Since Mankind Celebrated The Rock

This Is Your Life

It was 20 years ago today, Sep. 20th, 1999, that Mankind did everything he could to apologize to The Rock. The result? The single highest-rated non-wrestling match segment in wrestling television history. “This Is Your Life” in celebration of The Rock as Mankind wanted to make sure the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection lived on. Let’s take a trip down memory road as this historical segment remains number one after 20 years.

Anytime you go back and watch it, you can’t help but smile as Mankind did all he could to make it work once again. Bringing out teachers and ex-girlfriends along with confetti couldn’t help but make you laugh out loud. Mankind would continue to give audio as each one walked down and fans just awaited every Rock reaction possible. Confetti and balloons surrounded the ring throughout this record segment. Here is remembrance once step at a time.

Home Economics Teacher Mrs. Betty Griffith 

This Is Your Life
Photo: WWE

Per Mankind, quite possibly the first person to ever truly “smell what The Rock was cooking”. As she approached for a hug, The Rock would stop her in her tracks. The Rock would go down memory road himself, asking Mrs. Griffith if she remembered that all The Rock wanted to do was make pancakes. He would list multiple recipes she let him cook, but it was never pancakes. Until right before summer vacation, she gave him the chance to do so. But of course, Mrs. Griffith failed The Rock once again, running out of Aunt Jemima and failing him again.

He didn’t worry, as he simply asked if she still cooked. Which of course turned into, “You should know your role, and shut your mouth. Take a walk down ‘Know Your Role’ Boulevard, hang that right on ‘Jabroni” Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima, no pancake having ass directly into the SmackDown hotel.” Pure greatness from The Rock.


Coach Everett Hart

Photo: WWE

This went just as well as it did for Betty. The Rock had no love for his “former” coach as he recalled being forced to run sprints after DDTing the QB of the opposing team, with all of his fans watching. The Rock complimented the whistle around his coaches neck. Which he proceeded to of course let him know what he wanted to do with it. “The Rock would like to take that whistle you got, that very whistle you put to your lips, shine it up real nice, turn that sombitch sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!” Sometimes it is difficult to believe how good The Rock really was. “This Is Your Life” remains a prime example. Mankind hilariously told him to “hit the bricks you jerk” for good measure.

The Rock was at his wits end with a title match later in the night, informing Mankind that this was strike two. He was ready to get it over with but Mankind was of course not finished just yet. Foley would use the line of “the millions” as the fans would answer, leading to The Rock to remind him to never to that again. He believed it was time to speak to the sensitive side of The Rock.

The Rock’s High School Sweetheart: Joanne Imbriani

This Is Your Life
Photo: WWE

Flashback time as The Rock would remind Joanne of their Saturday night’s on her parent’s couch as they kissed a little bit, making it clear she loved The Rock’s tongue. He began to get into detail of how he slid his hand up her knee but she cut The Rock off at “second base”. The boos rained down in the arena on this one. He made it clear he holds no grudge, knowing she wants to go “one-on-one with The Great One”. There is belief The Rock also named a certain type of pie she wanted to give him. In short, he told her to get on out of here.


Mankind’s Final Favor: The People’s Present and Yurple

Photo: WWE

Mankind played the victim here, apologizing for not knowing those three were going to be the worst in their respectful ways. A present was presented to The Rock from Mankind which turned out to be a brand new Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection jacket. “Rock ‘n’ Sock” would be chanted throughout the arena as one more gift would be given to him, Mr. Rocko. Finally, the person standing outside of the ring under the black sheet would be revealed. It was Yurple the clown.”It doesn’t matter what your name is,” Rock said. Mankind would finally be upset by this and tell him he will like it now as Yurple sings Happy Birthday.

The Reveal: It’s Not The Rock’s Birthday

“The Rock’s birthday is May 2nd you stupid son of a bitch.” Mankind would inform The Rock that he knows, but every day he gets to spend time with him feels like it is someone’s birthday. Triple H would come down swinging for the head of The Rock but it wouldn’t work out, ending the highest rated segment in wrestling TV history.


The Magic and Legacy

When you look back, it makes sense as to why this may have been the highest-rated segment of all-time when it comes to a non-wrestling match. The Rock roasting the people from his life while Mankind does all he can to try and put a smile on his face in forgiveness. The Rock was magical in everything he did, but this specific night 20 years ago was special. Fans in the palm of his hand, Mankind reacting like he did, it was just pure magic. A segment that has tried to be replicated times after, resulting in what was even one time one of the worst segments in the history of Monday Night Raw.


Replication is impossible. Their is only one Rock. Mankind and The Rock had a special connection with each other, and the fans in the arena and around the world felt that. 20 years later, watching it over again, you can still feel that.

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