The NXT UK Recap (9/25/19)

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Following last week’s British Rounds Match between Kassius Ohno and Sid Scala, this week’s NXT UK had a real buzz around it, and rightfully so. With a cracking main event like that happening, fans will want to tune in the following week, and those who did weren’t let down with another wonderful main event taking place.

Pushed Over The Edge

The night’s main event pitted Trent Seven against Noam Dar, following on from the pair’s backstage exchanges over the last couple of weeks. For the most part, this was an immensely hard-hitting contest, with Trent’s Seven Stars ripcord lariat turning The Scottish Supernova inside out while Noam’s northern lariat nearly decapitated the British Strong Style member. Seeing that he was unable to put Seven down, however, Dar grabbed the trademark Moustache Mountain towel that his opponent had brought to the ring with him, blowing his nose in it in an attempt to rile up Seven. Clearly, it worked as the moustache extraordinaire went ballistic and beat Dar to a living pulp. The referee had no choice but to disqualify Seven for continuing the assault past the five count, resulting in a victory for Noam Dar. Not exactly the cleanest route to victory, but a win’s a win nonetheless.

War Of Words

For the first time since his epic NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff showdown with WALTER, Tyler Bate strutted down to ringside as the fans bombarded him with admiration. The big question on everyone’s minds here though was whether or not Tyler was moving on from NXT UK. To put it simply – no. The Big Strong Boi is far from finished with the brand, being interrupted by Jordan Devlin soon thereafter. The Irish Ace was quick to express his dissatisfaction with Tyler’s performance a few weeks ago, before claiming that the only capable of taking down The Ring General was him. Devlin was fast to retreat when Tyler came up the ramp after him, but it’s safe to say things are far from over between these two.

Athletic Showcase

After a while away from NXT UK, Ligero returned to action this week as he picked up a victory over Oliver Carter in the night’s opening encounter. This was a very different Ligero than what we’re used to however, with The Mexican Sensation using some different pieces of offence to put away Carter – one such example was hitting a slingshot stunner as opposed to his usual slingshot cutter. A superkick and C4L combination put Oliver down for the three count as Ligero marks a successful return to NXT UK, and what looks like the start of his journey towards the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Spotlight On Her

Nina Samuels believes that she’s the MVP of the women’s division within NXT UK, regardless of whether or not she’s the reigning Women’s Champion. She faced the debuting Dani Luna here in what was, surprisingly, a highly competitive match. It was a surprising fact because usually with these sorts of matches, it’s typically the main NXT UK talent laying a beating on what could be classed as enhancement talents. Not with Dani Luna though, the 20 year old clearly wanting to impress in her NXT UK debut. She was never winning obviously – Nina picked up the win following the Final Act – but it was nice to see a change from the norm. With matches like this, there’s a firm reason why Nina Samuels could very well be the greatest thing to come from the NXT UK women’s division.

What Else?

In addition to all this, current WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER was shown at the UK Performance Center manhandling some of the less-experienced talents (including one Spike Trivet) before claiming they didn’t belong in the ring. Plus, a promotional video was shown of Tegan Nox‘s journey from injury in the second Mae Young Classic to her recent return as she gets set to challenge Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship next week.

Please note, the NXT UK Recap will release a day later starting next week due to the show moving to Thursday nights (the same timeslot remains).

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