SmackDown Highlights – Four Horsewomen Continue Feud (9/24/19)

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The final SmackDown LIVE ever before the blue brand heads to Fox has officially occurred. With Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston set for next week, this week was centered around everything else happening on SmackDown. Women’s tag action and the result of Kevin Owens‘ lawsuit on Shane McMahon highlights the action packed show. Let’s take a look at the smackdown highlights.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns set to their eyes on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Photo: WWE

Erick Rowan kicked off the night but was quickly met by Daniel Bryan. Bryan was adamant and said if Rowan wanted respect, he had to fight him then and there. The match was on as the two former tag team partners squared off. Bryan was seemingly near victory before Luke Harper appeared, allowing Rowan to take the advantage and hit the Iron Claw for the victory. Both men were not done at this moment, as they looked to put Bryan through the announce table. Roman Reigns made his way down to the ring and before long they cleaned house before ultimately standing tall. Roman went to give a hand to Bryan but he hit it away before grabbing a microphone. Finally, the Bryan asked the fans if they wanted them to take down Rowan and Harper, which was answered with a resounding yes.

Kevin Owens gets exactly what he wants from Shane McMahon

Photo: WWE

Shane McMahon went to the ring with his team in tow to give Kevin Owens his two options. Owens came through the crowd and got in the ring to go face to face with Shane. Owens awaited the two options, which ended up being they stay in court forever or Owens drops the lawsuit, getting his job back and the fine in the process. KO made it clear it was not about the money but he wanted to rid the locker room of Shane. Which resulted in his ultimatum, which was he wants one more match. That match would be a ladder match where if Shane wins, Owens is gone forever, but if Owens wins, Shane McMahon is fired. Shane would accept and we move closer to a resolution between these two.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: Sasha Banks

Photo: WWE

Sasha Banks is on fire to say the very least. Certain stars may be the best thing going in wrestling, but Sasha Banks could be the most successful of any since her return. Banks teamed with her Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection partner, Bayley, to take on the team of Charlotte Flair and Carmella. They were close to winning but the team of Banks and Bayley seemed to be impossible to stop. Banks put the Bank Statement on Carmella to win the match before R-Truth grabbed Carmella to run away with the 24/7 Championship. Charlotte tried to fight but was looking to be no match. Before long, Becky Lynch was on a tear to the ring as she had her sights on both. They managed to fight them off, but this would not be the last of them.

“The Man” was being interviewed at the end of the show, discussing how Sasha Banks always has to be ahead to be better than her. This would lead to Banks attacking from behind. Battling back and forth before Banks got the advantage and attacked the leg of Lynch before being walking away. Next week on the debut of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, the Four Horsewomen will go to battle in tag team action.

The era of SmackDown LIVE has officially found its end with Friday Night SmackDown coming soon. It was a run of plenty of ups and some shocking downs. But the blue brand is to see even brighter days. Prepare for the blue brand to become the “A” show starting next week as Brock Lesnar prepares to take the WWE Championship away from Kofi Kingston.

Highlights from this show can be seen on WWE’s YouTube page.