Su Yung “Dies” on IMPACT Wrestling (VIDEO)

On this Friday’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling from Mexico, a No-DQ match between Jessicka Havok and Su Yung ended in a rather tragic ending for one of the combatants. Following their No DQ match, which Havok won with the tombstone piledriver, the two fought into the backstage area, leading to Havok hanging Su Yung in a stairwell. Su Yung was rushed to hospital, where it appears she “died” from her injuries.

While Havok returned to IMPACT Wrestling earlier this year as a part of Su Yung’s dark army with Father James Mitchell in the closing chapters of the Dark War, ever since Slammiversary, Havok and Su Yung have been at odds with each other, growing more distant and enraged in the ensuing months. After Su appeared on screen to Havok and spoke to her in tongues, the two have been at each other’s throats, literally and figuratively, with even Father James Mitchell unsure if he could control Su Yung’s dark powers. But it appears in the end that Havok has conquered Yung, as another part of the Dark War storyline is apparently killed off (like Allie several months prior) – although in the final second, Su Yung gasps for a final breath.

The real question is if this means the end for Su Yung in IMPACT Wrestling and this is character being written off (like it was for Allie, who left to sign with All Elite Wrestling) or it will lead to a repackaging of sorts for Su. Since the Dark War storyline featuring Rosemary, Su Yung and Allie came to a conclusion, the Undead Bride hasn’t been as featured as in the past. And can an Undead character really get killed off, or do they just kinda regroup in the Undead Realm (similar to what happened to Rosemary when her meat carcass was destroyed in 2018)? Or has her powers simply gotten too powerful, as Father Mitchell warned Havok in recent weeks?

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