A Prophecy Fulfilled: The Undisputed Era Delivers on Adam Cole’s Promise

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Following NXT’s debut on USA Network on Wednesday, the undisputed prophecy set by Adam Cole has officially been fulfilled. Every single member of The Undisputed Era is draped in gold as Roderick Strong defeated the Velveteen Dream to become the new NXT North American Champion. He is the final man of The Undisputed Era to win a championship. Not only does this mean they are all dripping in gold, but they own NXT by carrying every championship held by the men of the brand. NXT is officially Undisputed.

Adam Cole made the promise of the golden prophecy at the end of 2018. “In 2019, the four of us will be draped in championship gold,” per Adam Cole. He added in a tweet that it was most certainly undisputed. Nobody can deny that now. To get the prophecy possibility off and running, the leader of The Undisputed Era had to lead by example.


Gold Bay Bay Gold: Adam Cole wins the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: XXV

Photo: WWE

Adam Cole kicked off his entire prophecy by defeating Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: XXV. By now, many fans have seen the incredible trilogy that these two men put on in hopes of acquiring the NXT Championship. Cole put Gargano through the ringer that night, hitting every move in his book until he left as the winner. When he had made the promise of prophecy, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong had possessed the tag titles already, but eventually lost them before this could even kick off. When Cole pinned Gargano for the NXT Championship, it was a message sent. Sent to not only the fans of NXT who doubted them, but to the rest of The Undisputed Era. It was time to fulfill for the rest of the boys.

Three-Time: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly regain NXT Tag Team Championships on NXT TV (8/28/19)

Photo: WWE

Unless you read the spoiler sent out by WWE or were in the arena the night of the tapings, Fish and O’Reilly became the new NXT Tag Team Champions just weeks ago to move forward in the quest of “the golden prophecy”. To no ones surprise, it took an amazing effort out of both The Undisputed Era and The Street Profits in their match. Both Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins had chance after chance to end the match. Somehow, someway Fish and O’Reilly continued to survive. The former reDRagon have been through this time after time in the past. Fish and O’Reilly refused to give up another opportunity knowing this may be their last. Death, taxes, and The Undisputed Era win tag team gold. By hitting the Total Elimination, they captured the titles which left Roderick Strong as the last without gold.

Fulfilled: Roderick Strong wins the NXT North American Championship at NXT on USA Network Debut (9/18/19)

Photo: WWE

When you are the only one in your faction to be without championship gold, there is real pressure to change that. Avoiding being the “weak link” was in the mind of Roderick Strong, which forced him to go to extreme measures. Strong made the point that in his last shot at the title, he was not pinned when Pete Dunne was added for NXT TakeOver: Toronto, but Dunne was. This kept him in the chase and all he wanted was to get the attention of the Velveteen Dream.

That he did, as he lit the Dream’s couch on fire, leading to them getting the match for Wednesday night. It came down to extreme measures before Strong was able to fulfill the prophecy. The Undisputed Era did everything in their power to get the job done as Adam Cole hit Dream with a Superkick off the top rope. Strong quickly lifted him out and hit him with the End of Heartache for the second time in the match, this time being enough to capture the NXT North American Championship.

NXT is Undisputed: What now?

Celebration? Of course. But then what? Now that every single member is draped in gold, it is time to keep that gold. A problem becomes legitimate when the first person loses as they come into question for not being able to carry their worth in the group possibly. For now, we know that all these four men have each others backs which is the reason they are the best faction NXT has ever seen. The Undisputed Era will now lead NXT into new heights which is being live every single week on the USA Network. After week one, it is clearly a hot start.

Much like Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, The Undisputed Era now have that power of running NXT. Adam Cole may become insufferable when it comes to gloating in the coming weeks, but when you can back it up everyone just has to deal with it. As the leader of The Undisputed Era and the reigning NXT Champion, he will make sure NXT is the brand you want to be apart of as a war approaches. Prophecy fulfilled.