The NXT UK Recap (9/18/19)

Going into this week’s NXT UK, the biggest talking point was that of the first-ever British Rounds Match being signed for a WWE show but coming away, we now have several new developments in the world of NXT UK as huge collisions appear to be on the horizon in both the women’s and tag team divisions.

Ohno Stands Tall

This week’s main event was a WWE first as Kassius Ohno faced the assistant to the NXT UK General Manager Sid Scala in a British Rounds Match. Six rounds lasting three minutes apiece, with two falls either by pinfall, submission, or knockout to win. The Knockout Artist was firmly in control for a good chunk of time, racking up a fall in the third round with one of his many elbow variations. Scala did put up quite the valiant fight, coming oh so close to evening the score in the later rounds, but time wouldn’t be on his side in round six as his backslide on Ohno would come to an end as the time limit ran out on the count of two. An unfortunate end to things for Johnny Saint‘s assistant, but quite the showing nonetheless. Let’s hope this isn’t the end of his NXT UK in-ring career.

Rhea Meets Her Match

Former NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was in singles action as she tangled with the debuting Irish star and current Fierce Females Internet Champion, Debbie Keitel. Ripley easily took down The Whole Shebang, using every ounce of power in her body to toss Keitel away, eventually downing her with her signature Riptide pump handle powerbomb. Following the match, Rhea stated that it was time for her to reclaim the NXT UK Women’s Championship, before claiming that there wasn’t a single lady in the NXT UK locker room that could stand toe to toe with her. Enter Jinny alongside her partner-in-crime Jazzy Gabert. The Fashionista told Rhea that she would indeed be the next Women’s Champion, following up by sending Gabert in after Ripley. A roundhouse kick from The Nightmare sent Jazzy packing back up the aisle, as it appears we have quite the contest on our hands in the near future.

Banks With The Upset

Following a loss to Noam Dar at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, Travis Banks was back in action this week as faced off with the larger Tyson T-Bone. For the most part, Banks used his speed advantage to escape the wrath of T-Bone at certain moments, utilising some quick kicks and his signature tope suicida to down the Englishman. Although the hard-hitting T-Bone proved to be a tough match for The Kiwi Buzzsaw, it wasn’t enough down Travis as a small package allowed him to pick up the victory. Back to winning ways for Travis Banks, which is always handy when the reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER is currently without a challenger.

A Rejuvenated Conners

As he looks to rejuvenate his NXT UK career, Joseph Conners took on Kenny Williams. Conners’ intensity was certainly a lot different to what it was when he first appeared for WWE as part of the inaugural United Kingdom Championship Tournament back in January 2017, being far more ruthless and calculated than what he’s usually like. The Righteous Killer tore Kenny limb from limb in this one, although The Lucky Yin was able to get in some of his signature offence, including the springboard back elbow but it simply wasn’t enough. Conners was able to plant Williams into the mat with his fantastic Don’t Look Down finisher for the three count as the road to the top of NXT UK continues for Joseph Conners.

What Else?

In addition to all this, Noam Dar berated Trent Seven in the parking lot, calling him a dafty before ripping into the recent failures of British Strong Style (a match has since been signed between them for next week). Backstage interviewer Radzi Chinyanganya was once again on hand to get a word with the former NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm, but was instead met by GallusMark Coffey and Wolfgang, who stated that they were coming after Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster‘s NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Finally, it was also announced that new Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray will collide with Tegan Nox in two weeks’ time, while Oliver Carter will be in action next week!

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