Preview: IMPACT Wrestling – Victory Road (9/14/19)

The promotion that is “Hard To Kill” (as referenced by the most recent “Talk Is Jericho”, due to the recent announcement of it’s move to AXS TV right after their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory), IMPACT Wrestling returns to IMPACT+ tonight with it’s 15th Annual Victory Road show. Here’s a look at what tonights show will bring.

Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar


Since coming to IMPACT Wrestling, Moose has arguably become the companies biggest star. Usually covered with gold, always having the finest clothes, glasses, and walking with an entourage whenever he is interviewed by IMPACT media, Moose, the five-star athlete has become one of the brightest stars of IMPACT Wrestling.

However, Moose as of late has had issues with the UFC and MMA legend and not to mention, the first-ever IMPACT Wrestling champion, Ken Shamrock. Moose and Shamrock are headed on a collision course at Bound For Glory, but before that, Moose has to face another MMA legend the “American Psycho” Stephan Bonnar. Bonnar is a former Light Heavyweight Champion in the UFC. He’s competed against those the likes of Tito Ortiz, Lyoto Machida, the current Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, and Rashad Evans. He was inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame in 2013 and has recently joined the sport of professional wrestling and has been trained by several of the top stars in the industry such as Disco Inferno.

Bonnar, while a fantastic MMA fighter, steps into a whole new arena in combat sports and has to face the self-proclaimed five-star athlete in Moose. What will happen tonight at Victory Road for both men? Will Bonnar continue his young career in pro wrestling and utilize all the skills he’s learned in the octagon and the 20 x 20 ring and get a win over Moose? or will Moose continue his path of destruction and show Ken Shamrock that even an MMA legend like Stephan Bonnar won’t be enough to go toe-to-toe with Mr. IMPACT Wrestling?

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary


The longest reigning IMPACT Knockouts champion, Taya Valkyrie has certainly been the juggernaut of the Knockouts division. She has virtually beaten everyone who has stepped in her way. “La Wera Loca” goes one-on-one with the former Knockouts Champ, Rosemary. The two have had an unusual relationship as of late, with Taya going as far as providing Rosemary with a cell phone and offering Rosemary a time to have mimosas.

Certainly an unusual offer for the Demon Queen of IMPACT Wrestling, however, both Knockouts compete tonight for the Knockouts title, the reason that Rosemary paired up with Taya from the get-go. Will Rosemary prevail and win back what was once hers and take it to the undead realm? or will Taya continue to win when it counts?

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. Rich Swann & Fuego Del Sol


In a non-title tag match, the new face of the tag team division and current tag champs, The North, “All Ego” Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, go up against former X-Division Champion Rich Swann and Fuego Del Sol (who wrestles for World-Class Revolution and most recently faced Michael Elgin at Operation Overdrive). The North recently took out LAX for good and have even more confidence as champions since defeating the powerful duo, will Swann and Fuego be able to put a stop to the new champs tonight with a win? or will The North continue their short but Dominant reign as the champs?

TJP vs. Michael Elgin


These two world-renowned stars go face to face in what could be the match of the night. TJP recently competed for NJPW at the 2019 Super J Cup, doing fairly well in the tournament, but TJP is a champion everywhere he goes. From winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic to becoming its first Cruiserweight Champion to being a former X-Division champ with IMPACT Wrestling and much more, TJP’s accolades are a mile long. However, Michael Elgin is another known star to have competed with NJPW, CMLL, Ring of Honor, GCW, and many other promotions. Elgin, since coming to IMPACT Wrestling has quickly made his impact by putting people in hospitals after destroying his opponents.

These two have a common goal in being the best at what they do, however. Who will come out on top though? Will Elgin get the win in what will be one of his matches in lieu of the match he has with Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Naomichi Marufuji, a legend in Japanese pro wrestling. Or will TJP continue the journey that brought him back to IMPACT Wrestling and continues to show the world why he is the undeniable talent that he is?

Eddie Edwards vs. Rohi Raju


Both men have had some stressful times and bringing their frustrations to the ring against each other may prove to be therapeutic for them. Eddie Edwards has had his hands full with a problematic Ace Austin, who has gotten into the mind of Eddie’s wife, Alicia Edwards. Alicia most recently accompanied Ace to the hospital after Ace was taken out by Eddie in a match they had on the most recent episode IMPACT Wrestling. Now Eddie seems as if he doesn’t know what to do as it seems all hope could be lost in his marriage with Alicia.

Rohit Raju recently lost a tag match with The Desi Hit Squad, versus The Deaners, which led to both men having to work on The Deaners farm for a couple of weeks. Needless to say, this was something Raju did NOT want to do and had to suffer for it. But all hell broke loose when a new addition to the team came in the form of Mahabali Shera, who returned to IMPACT Wrestling and destroyed The Deaners.

While this may be pleasing for Raju, it doesn’t take away from the time he spent with The Deaners. Rohit gets a chance to take his aggression out on Edwards tonight. Who will come out on top though? Will Alicia Edwards or Ace Austin appear during this match? Will Edwards get a chance to talk to Alicia? or will a heated Raju be able to take out Eddie whose mind may not be all that focused on the match?

Sami Callihan vs. Kyle Hawk


In a one-on-one match, Sami Callihan faces off against Kyle Hawk, a man who has wrestled for nearly a decade and has wrestled for the NWA, WCR and IMPACT Wrestling to name a few. Hawk is a seasoned vet wrestling hundreds of matches in his career, and recently wrestling out of Las Vegas where the pro wrestling scene is hot in that market. Hawk recently face Moose at Operation Overdrive, but tonight has a much different opponent, Sami Callihan.

Callihan has his eyes set on the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, Brian Cage in their match scheduled at Bound For Glory. But before Callihan can focus on the big match, he will have Hawk in front of him. Will Callihan be able to move past Kyle Hawk and continue to plan out his strategy against “The Machine” at BFG? or will Kyle be able to shock the world and get a win over The Death Machine?

Kiera Hogan vs. Desi De Rata


Undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts, Keira Hogan has certainly changed over the year. With recently having a love and hate relationship with the so-called “Lockerroom Leader” Madison Rayne and recently turning on Jordynn Grace and their friendship, Kiera Hogan is now doing things her way. Kiera recently had a match with the recently debuting Tenille Dashwood in what was a hell of an opening match for IMPACT Wrestling.

Keira faces off against World Class Revolution’s Desi De Rata, someone Hogan has recently got familiar with, as she wrestled at Operation Overdrive and tagged with Kiera Hogan. But the two would not get along and were defeated by the team of Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. Kiera essentially caused the lost after arguing with De Rata and getting a spear from Rosemary. What will happen when the two face off though? Will Kiera be able to focus and win in her match against De Rata, or will Desi be able to get the win she was looking for at Operation Overdrive against Hogan?

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