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Teal Piper
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Michael Jargo of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast sat down with one of the newest faces of WOW Women Of Wrestling and recent AEW Casino Battle Royale participant, Teal Piper. The two talk about some of her earliest memories about her father, the legendary “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, her acting career, and her music career. Piper is also asked about her AEW experience and her thoughts on the new season of WOW Women Of Wrestling. Also, find out what she has to say about Chris Jericho’s AEW Title.

Photo: Ariel Toombs

Piper is asked about her earliest pro-wrestling memories and when she realized her father’s effect on the business?

“My earliest memory of pro wrestling was his match with Hogan when Hogan was with NWO and his match with Golddust… At that point I was crying I was mad, I didn’t understand why people would cheer when he got hit, so my parents banned me from watching wrestling for a few years until I got older and could understand more.”

After mentioning several of her past and upcoming movie Hollywood projects, Piper is asked about her Hollywood Background.

“If you like terrible terrible movies, I’m your gal, right here. I’ve done them all. I love bad horror movies, I love good horror movies, I love sci-fi like I think that’s really my niche. anything comedic as well, but I’m a big movie buff in general…and I’ve been doing that for a long time, and I’m never going to lose that passion for film…and I feel that the gore and horror and tons of movies have prepared me for the trauma that the wrestling world that I have now entered.”

Teal is asked about her thoughts on whether it is easier to teach an actor how to wrestle rather than teaching a wrestler how to act.

“I think that they’re both equally important. as soon as you get in that ring i feel like within that first week most of the trainers are going to know whether you’re going to be ready or not and there’s like a fearlessness that comes that you have to have, like you have to try these things and hope that your body can do it. and I think that if you don’t have that it doesn’t matter whether you’re an actor or a wrestler like you have to have that ability in the ring.”

Teal is asked about her music career and an album being done. 

“Amber Eyes” is on iTunes already. That song is very close to my heart because the harmonica that you hear on it, I actually sampled from my dad playing the live harmonica…he was a great musician and we were going to work on the album together…my next song “Anonymity” will come out October 1st and hopefully the album will come out at the end of the year…”

Teal was asked about her and Roddy Piper almost doing a duet together. Here’s what she says.

“So a lot of people don’t know this, but he was an amazing musician. He could pick up just about any instrument and play it by ear even though he couldn’t read a note to save his life. He loved singing, I think some of my earliest memories were him and I singing together and playing instruments and you know, he taught me a lot about songwriting and performing and that’s really where a lot of my passion for music came from, and FUN FACT… If you go on youtube and look up “I’m your man”, he has a music video that’s super fun to watch in like a T.V. 90’s music video… the first thing I worked on after his death was a song called “Stay strong” which will be on the album. which is mostly about mourning him, but it’s also a song that I hope people can relate to for anybody that’s lost a loved one…”

Teal Piper mentions whether or not she stole Chris Jericho’s belt:

“By the way, could I just throw this out there? NO! Piper did not steal the belt, it wasn’t me guys I swear. I’m not about to go steal from Chris Jericho. “

Teal was asked about her debut with AEW at ALL OUT and the experience and what it was like walking out on stage for the first time.

“It was so many feelings, you know, it was surreal, it was nostalgic, when I came out, I got this huge pop from the audience and I knew it was because of my dad you know because I hadn’t done anything to get a pop you know, I just came in, and they just went nuts, it was so awesome, I felt like I could just turn around and see my dad coming out and I felt that same pride I used to feel watching him come out…”

Teal Piper was asked about WOW and her big debut with the promotion:

“I am REALLY excited for this taping, you know, I’ve been watching their first season and their next season premieres Saturday, September 7th on AXS TV. I think every season they’ve just really been upping it. you know the projection and everything has been so great and the skill level that those girls bring to the ring is so amazing. they have something very special there to offer all audiences if you’re a wrestling fan you have to check it out…as far as what I’m doing you guys will have to tune in and find out.”

Here is the full audio of the interview below.


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