The NXT Recap (9/4/19)

We are just two weeks away from NXT heading to USA Network, live for 2 hours a week. With that said, let us enjoy the one hour format while we have it. This is another week of great action that includes an NXT Championship match in the main event and a heinous attack on Velveteen Dream no one could see happening. Here is the recap, starting with Breezango.

The NXT Recap (9/4/19)


NXT Recap
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Surprise! Breezango is back and better than ever. But not only that, as the “Fashion Police” have returned full force with a whole new entrance to re-establish themselves to everyone. In their first match together at Full Sail, they faced off against Chase Parker and Matt Martel (aka Team 3.0).

While it was back and forth for much of the match, the Fashion Police managed to capture the victory with their double team finish, the Fashion Faux Pas, for the victory. As Tyler Breeze and Fandango continue to get reacquainted with each other, it only means trouble for the rest of the tag teams in NXT. The police are officially back on patrol.


Suddenly, the cameras panned to the back where Io Shirai could be seen beating down Candice LeRae with a Kendo Stick, the same thing that happened last week but opposite. It is clear that these two are far from done, which only means more magic in the ring as the rivalry only gets more personal.

In a separate video, it was Cameron Grimes. Grimes seems to be going down a new path, wearing a new get up while seeming possessed following his loss in the Breakout Tournament Finals. He is going to be chasing gold, that seems to be is lone goal for… now.



The only non-Undisputed champion in NXT, The Velveteen Dream, faced “The Finest” Kona Reeves in one-on-one action this week. With The Undisputed Era, and specifically Roderick Strong, breathing down his neck, this was the shot Reeves needed to get on the radar.

This was a good showing for Reeves, who seemed to be on the prowl of victory at times, but in the end did not have enough to put down Dream. It was the Dream Valley Driver that he utilized to finish off Reeves and capture another victory on his way to an even longer championship run.

Following the match, we would see the most disturbing thing to happen to the Dream in some time. Strong revealed himself as he was talking to Dream, asking him if he had his attention now as he continues to look for another title shot since he was never pinned.

The camera would pan out and it’d be revealed that the couch of Velveteen Dream had been lit on fire by Roddy, leaving Velveteen in complete shock. Clearly this is not over, and it looks like Strong will have his shot at completing the prophecy set by Adam Cole at the end of 2018.

The match would be made official as Roderick Strong will challenge the Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship on the September 18th edition of NXT, which happens to be the first live show.


NXT Recap
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Bianca Belair has been quietly dominant since her slew of losses to Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim. And with that silent dominance comes a storm ahead that faced “The Real Black Belt of NXT”, Taynara Conti. Conti is no one to walk over by any means and has shown how good she can be in the past. But its too bad for her that “The EST of NXT” is on another level recently.

Conti was out there to show something, the reason why she is going to be a problem in the future. She tried to use to former NXT Women’s Title contender as an example, but all she would be met with is the KOD. Belair displayed her incredible strength yet again as she hit a beautiful KOD on Conti for the victory and only continues her hot streak. She may have been raw to Sam Roberts when she had her first title opportunity, but she is proving that chance was no fluke with this current win streak.


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15 incredible minutes of action where the crowd was on their feet thinking multiple times there could be a new champion. If Jordan Myles wasn’t a star before, he certainly was following this match. Adam Cole seemingly overlooked Myles prior to the match, allowing Myles to get plenty of offense in and almost shocking the system of Adam Cole.

Myles come so close on the nearest fall of the match when he climbed to the top, hitting a beautiful Frog Splash on Cole. The resilient champion managed to kick out at 2 and 7/8 as Nigel McGuinness stated. He did what he could to stay on the offense, kicking the head off of Cole. He would go for the Midnight Star 450, but Cole again had enough to get his knees up, taking out the stomach of Myles.

As the match came to a close, Cole caught Myles with a Superkick as he attempted a springboard, then again on the back of the head for good measure. He would pull the right knee pad down, finishing him off with The Last Shot to retain his championship. It was another stellar NXT as we close in on their USA Network debut.

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