SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Gable Breaks The Bracket (9/3/19)

Smackdown Highlights

As Raw went off the air last night, the wrestling world was buzzing. Bayley seemingly turned on everyone to realign with Sasha Banks. It was chair shot after chair shot before the show faded and it was over. So could SmackDown LIVE follow such a great show? Absolutely. Here are the Smackdown Highlights:

Smackdown Highlights: King of the Ring Night 6 Results

King Of The Ring
Photo: WWE

This year’s King of the Ring tournament has been, in all accounts, awesome. Match after match, shock after shock, it is one to write home about and praise for the uncertainty and great action on a weekly basis. The SmackDown side of things continued with even more surprises, including the biggest upset yet,

King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Elias vs Ali

Physicality is the perfect word to describe the match between Elias and Ali as both were in the hunt for the wide open King of the Ring tourney. Elias worked over the leg of Ali all match long, but “The Heart of 205 Live” showed all the heart and then some, doing his best to stay in it even when he was hobbled.

A sweet sequence occurred when both Ali and Elias were on the top rope and Elias attempted to push Ali all the way down to the floor. Ali, the incredible athlete he is, managed to flip onto his feet and stop much of the damage. Elias followed, going for a double axe handle from the top and being met with a Superkick. Ali rolled Elias into the ring and looked for the 450 Splash, but was left empty when his leg held him back from getting up their fast enough. Eventually, the Drift Away was hit and Elias moved forward in the bracket, but it was one great effort by Ali, even if it was a losing one.

King of the Ring Quarterfinals: (SmackDown MVP) Chad Gable vs Andrade

The match of the night that had the fans on their feet from the word go. What is happening to Chad Gable is that he is simply getting bullied. People are making fun of his size, but what is best about it all is how awesome Gable is inside the ring. The former Olympian fought off Shelton Benjamin a week ago and now had a shot to do the same with more than likely the remaining favorite in Andrade. Zelina Vega talked down Gable, much like Samoa Joe prior to the match. But in the end, Gable would have the last laugh as he battled and battled and looked better than ever.

Gable had the crowd on their feet as he hit a stunning Moonsault onto Andrade for a near fall. Gable and Andrade would trade again, eventually hitting a Chaos Theory German Suplex on Andrade. Vega would get the referees attention before ultimately leading to Gable releasing the pin. The match would come to the close when he reversed the Hammerlock DDT into a great pinning combo to snag the victory and move on in the King of the Ring. Breaking the bracket on his way to the semifinals with a match against Elias next week at Madison Square Garden.

Smackdown Highlights: Bayley Answers Her Critics

Smackdown Highlights
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After last nights crazy finish to Raw, Bayley kicked off Monday Night Raw to explain her antics where she bashed in Becky Lynch with a chair alongside her best friend. She explained how she is trying to be the role model for all the kids rather than be like Charlotte and selfish. This led to Charlotte Flair heading to the ring and making it clear she is the “Queen of Selfishness”. Sasha Banks would make her way down to back up Bayley, which is when Charlotte would attack Bayley. It would be a bad move, as Sasha and Bayley would beat down Charlotte with a steel chair like the night prior then embracing as they left the arena.

Smackdown Highlights: Rowan takes out Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

Photo: WWE

Daniel Bryan demanded another apology from Roman Reigns but instead, it went downhill immediately. Erick Rowan attacked Roman from behind and beat him down and beat him down before getting on the mic and explaining his actions. He said he did it and Daniel Bryan can no longer command him, leaving Daniel stunned. Rowan attempted to put Reigns through the announce table before Daniel Bryan slapped him across the face. Bryan was Iron Clawed through the announce table, leaving him laying and Rowan standing over both. Rowan is scheduled to face Reigns at Clash of Champions in two weeks.

A great week of television with stories moving forward, matches being made, and the King of the Ring stealing both shows once again.

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