Volador Jr. Wins The 2019 CMLL Gran Prix Tournament!

Volador Jr

While the weekend was filled with exciting events and matches from all over the world, one can argue that the match of the weekend came out of Mexico this past Friday as Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre presented it’s annual Gran Prix match. What was a match that lasted nearly an hour, was filled with nothing short of excitement.  A very passionate and energetic crowd supporting the home town of Team Mexico, the people let the visiting know whose side they were on.


Team Mexico, which consisted of RUSH, Volador Jr., Negro Casas, Dragon Lee, Diamante Azul, Barbaro Cavernario, Soberano Jr., and Forastero faced off against Team World which consisted of team members: Matt Taven, Jay Briscoe, Kenny King, Delirious, Big Daddy, Luke Hawx, Mecha Wolf 450 and Oraculo battled to what resulted in Team Mexico taking the win with Volador Jr. taking the victory.


At the end of the match, It came down to Team Worlds, Big Daddy and Team Mexicos, Volador Jr., and Negro Casas. Big Daddy and Negro Casas had a score to settle, as earlier in the week on CMLL Informa, Big Daddy mentioned that he would be ending Negro Casas’ career. It was time to put up or shut up for the big man. After a brief exchange between the two men, Negro Casas put big daddy in a La Magistral cradle to finish him. As with the rules of the tournament match though, the last two men, no matter from which team, would face off to determine one winner.


Volador Jr. quickly came after Negro Casas with a roll-up but missed the opportunity.  Soon after, with what appeared to look like with help from Big Daddy, Volador Jr. won the match when Big Daddy pulled the ref out of the ring as the ref was about to count to three after Negro Casas performed another La Magistral cradle on Volador Jr. After a back-cracker from Volador Jr. though, the match was then decided.


After the match there looked to be a set up for a hair versus hair match between Barbaro Cavenario and Big Daddy for the 86th Aniversario show, however, Volador intervened the exchange between the two and challenged Cavernario, referencing the lost of his hair last year at the 85th Aniversary show when Cavernario and RUSH defeated Volador Jr. and Matt Taven. While it’s uncertain what will happen between now and the 86th Aniversario show, things are certainly getting interesting between these men.


Here’s the order of elimination for the big match (Name without brackets is the competitor eliminated and name in brackets is the competitor who eliminated that competitor: Oraculo (Rush), Forastero (Kenny King), Soberano Jr. (Delirious), Luke Hawx (Barbaro Cavernario), Delirious (Rush), Kenny King (Diamante Azul), Diamante Azul (Jay Briscoe), Rush (DQed for weapon usage on Matt Taven), Mecha Wolf (Dragon Lee), Dragon Lee (Jay Briscoe), Matt Taven (Volador Jr.), Jay Briscoe (Barbaro Cavernario), Barbaro Cavernario (Big Daddy), Big Daddy (Negro Casas w/help from Cavernario), leaving Negro Casas & Volador Jr as the survivors on the Mexico side. As a surprise to most everyone but Volador, Volador kept fighting and eventually pinned Negro Casas (w/Big Daddy getting involved) to be the winner. Volador, Casas, Cavernario and Big Daddy all made hair match challenges.

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