Match Point: Buddy Murphy vs Daniel Bryan (8/20/19)

Buddy Murphy vs Daniel Bryan

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. Today’s edition looks at an indie dream match in WWE featuring a first time ever match that is sure to put the crowd on their feet. On tonight’s SmackDown LIVE, it’s Buddy Murphy vs Daniel Bryan

On SmackDown LIVE tonight, Buddy Murphy will go one on one with Daniel Bryan. This is two weeks after Murphy admitted he saw Rowan on the scene when Roman Reigns was attacked. Last week Bryan and Rowan interrogated Buddy Murphy for lying about Rowan being the attacker of Reigns. They would then toss Murphy around the locker room, beating him down and leaving Murphy laying. This would lead to the challenge by Buddy Murphy.

Now we are set for a match-up worth any price of admission as Bryan would accept over Twitter later on. The former Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy is officially taking on Daniel Bryan on SmackDown LIVE tonight.

“WWE’s Best Kept Secret” vs “The Planet’s Champion”

This is one week following Murphy’s star-making performance against Roman Reigns in a match that Murphy was just a move or two away from being victorious. After months of being held off of TV, Buddy Murphy is in prime position to put his name on the map for a second straight week as a win over a former WWE Champion could only rocket him to more success. Murphy will compete in the King of the Ring next week and any amount of momentum gained from tonight is perfect.

When it comes to the best pure wrestlers the main roster has, Daniel Bryan and Buddy Murphy are at the top of the list. For Bryan, we know exactly what he is capable of. And unless you have watched 205 Live the past year, Buddy Murphy remains the “WWE’s Best Kept Secret”. Last week was only a glimpse into how good Murphy is and pairing that with Daniel Bryan should make all fans excited as can be. Murphy is looking to only prove why the “secret” must be let out yet again.

Daniel Bryan has a lot on his plate tomorrow night as he vows to not only inform Roman Reigns of his attacker, but trying to stomp out the man who’s in his way and threw his and Rowan’s name under the bus.

Buddy Murphy’s involvement on SmackDown LIVE two straight weeks leaves the show must-see and his match with Daniel Bryan has a great chance of topping his match with Roman a week ago. Can “WWE’s Best Kept Secret” break through the glass ceiling and put on another star-making match against Bryan? Or will “The New” Daniel Bryan end the hype of Buddy Murphy once and for all?

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