SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy Exceeds Expectations (8/13/19)

Excitement remains in the air following a great SmackDown LIVE event last night. With the King of the Ring returning and Sasha Banks returning on RAW, it was interesting to see what SmackDown had in store. With a scheduled first time ever match and fallout from SummerSlam, it was sure to be a fun one. Here’s the rundown.

Randy Orton remains unfinished with Kofi Kingston

Photo: WWE

In the main event of SmackDown LIVE, it was The New Day versus the team of The Revival and Randy Orton. Following Sunday, we knew this would not be over between Kofi Kingston and Orton. That was proven right last night as the match came to a close. Kofi would hit a surprise Trouble in Paradise on Scott Dawson and looked to be moving in on a victory. Orton would slither in from behind and plant the WWE Champion with an RKO. He was not done however, hitting an RKO on both Xavier Woods and Big E for good measure, before lifting Kingston up for yet another RKO. Orton is far from giving up on the WWE Championship, which could lead to a match at Clash of Champions

Daniel Bryan and Rowan Investigate

Photo: WWE

Daniel Bryan and Rowan looked to clear their names of attacking Roman Reigns the past couple of weeks by getting Buddy Murphy to admit that he was lying previously. He would go onto do so while they would carry out their own investigation throughout the night to figure out who it was. Roman Reigns would head into the locker room at the end of the show to confront them before Daniel Bryan would step up and tell him to calm down. Bryan brought up that he expects and apology and he knows who his attacker is. He would continue by saying that Reigns will have to wait until next week to find out. This cliffhanger of who was behind the attack continues.

SmackDown MVP: Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy

Photo: WWE

Two things made this match so great. One being a fresh match-up for once in a while on WWE television. The second, Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy putting on a show, letting WWE’s “Best Kept Secret” out of the bag. Roman Reigns is on the level that no one else is on in that company. He is the centerpiece love him or hate him, but when you can hang with him, that elevates you. Buddy Murphy did exactly that, competing with “The Big Dog” at the highest level and almost putting him down for the victory.

This match was one of the better TV matches of the year as Buddy Murphy looked like a star in there with Roman Reigns. Reigns of course managed to pick up the victory, but Buddy Murphy not only showed what he can bring to the table, but that he is a star waiting for his opportunity. Removing the storyline from all of this, it was a great match and certainly one we would love to see again.

The next time WWE is on live TV, it will be a start to the King of the Ring tournament on Monday. WWE is delivering some great product right now, you surely do not want to miss any of it.

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