CMLL: Caristico Bests RUSH In Arena Puebla!

In a packed house at Arena Puebla, RUSH took on Caristico tonight in a one-on-one best out of 3 falls match in the main event. As previously noted, the two had not faced off since November 5th, 2018. RUSH had taken the victory in that match by disqualification. The two know each other very well as this match began with Caristico waiting for RUSH at the entrance to get some payback on him for what was done to him on last weeks episode when RUSH brutally beat on him all around the arena.

However, a cunning RUSH would come from the crowd and outsmarting attack Caristico from behind. The match was mostly dominated by RUSH from there as we would see more of the same from last week. The result of the first fall, however, saw RUSH lose by disqualification as he ripped off Caristicos mask yet again. RUSH, as ungovernable as he remains, embraced the loss.

In the second fall, RUSH would continue the destruction of Caristico by punishing him with the camera cables while on the ring floor. A most painful approach RUSH uses on his opponents. RUSH would continue with the beating and re-introduced Caristico to the seats again. During a point in the fall, however, after taking foot stomps, a kick to the face, and forearm shivers, Caristico amazingly gained a second life after RUSH tried pinning him by putting one foot on him.

Caristico was able to get a couple of suicide dives after throwing RUSH outside of the ring by using a huracurana on the leader of Los Ingobernables. Another suicide dive would finally take RUSH down for the first time in the match. Caristico, feeding off the energy of the fans, grabbed RUSH and threw him back to the ring and after a couple of pin attempts, was taken down by use of a superkick from RUSH.

But that wasn’t enough to take Caristico down as he too had a superkick of his own for his opponent. Both men, down and out, but the crowd in full support of Caristico, using the chant, “SI SE PUEDE!” (YES YOU CAN!), was able to get the former Sin Cara up and get a second wind. The match continued going back and forth though as RUSH was able to throw Caristico outside of the ring and throw him to another set of the ring floor seats.

Soon after, Caristico looked like he was going to win the match after RUSH tried going for his patented dropkick finisher but was intersected with a devasting spear from Caristico to RUSH. The ref would attempt to make the count, but on the two-count would have his handheld by RUSH, stopping the count. Caristico had no choice to give RUSH a taste of his own medicine take off his mask, toss it to RUSH, and fall to the mat as if RUSH pulled the tecnicos mask off of him, giving Caristico the win for the second fall. A bit of karma for the White Bull. The refs ruling would enrage RUSH and would nearly get attacked by him.

Caristico would send gestures over to RUSH pointing at his head as if to say that he was able to outsmart him. After embracing with the crowd and trying to embarrass RUSH, Caristico was attacked for a final time and left in the ring without his mask as RUSH would wind up leaving with it. This rivalry between the two is truly not over yet. At the conclusion of last weeks show, Caristico made the reference of a mask versus hair match with RUSH down the road but wanted the match he had asked for at tonights show. Could tonight be the beginning of what could finally be a mask versus hair match against RUSH? Can Caristico be the one to give Los Ingobernables a fatal blow and cut RUSH’s locks of hair?

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