SummerSlam Preview: Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler

As SummerSlam nears closer this Sunday, it is time to start previewing the huge matches of WWE’s second-biggest show. There are a number of matches no one would have expected this year and this may be the biggest. Dolph Ziggler, after weeks of making snide comments, will face former Universal Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg.


This match came about in recent weeks following Dolph Ziggler attacking legends. He told Shawn Michaels on Miz TV that he was nothing but a joke. As was Goldberg, who had a match that will be tough to forget at WWE Super Showdown. Ziggler continuously made the point that they were making jokes of themselves rather than going off into the sunset, while someone like him is the best in history despite his few accomplishments.

Photo: WWE

It was originally set to be Miz vs Dolph this Sunday and they even held the contract signing on Raw this week. Dolph would make his point that he will prove his “living legend” status when he defeated Miz this Sunday. After he signed the contract, Miz would reveal he was excited to fight him next Monday. The confusion on Ziggler’s face was real as Miz hinted at Shawn Michaels being the one he would fight at SummerSlam. Quickly, Shawn would deny as the Miz would point at the entrance to reveal who Ziggler was truly taking on come this weekend.

It was proven to be the one and only Goldberg, who walked down to the ring, signed the contract, and informed Dolph Ziggler one thing and one thing only. “You’re NEXT!” This match is set and to be fair, it is probably one that would never have happened in anyone’s minds but here it is. Ziggler has an opportunity to show what he does is some of the best and most underappreciated in history. Goldberg is now returning to right a wrong, which was his performance at Super Showdown.

Dolph participated in action this past Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE where he did the entire Goldberg entrance to only anger him more for this coming Sunday. Fans are probably just wondering how long this match could possibly be at this point.

There is not many better opponents to take on Goldberg this Sunday than Dolph, a guy who will make Goldberg look like a million bucks, but someone that should not be slept on either. Goldberg trying to prove to the fans and most importantly himself that he has still got it. Maybe, just maybe, this can be a start to one last run that we thought we had gotten back in 2016 and 2017. This should have plenty of fans excited.

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