Report: Anthem Attempt To Purchase AXS TV “Still Active”

The saga of IMPACT Wrestling‘s future home network gets more intriguing this week. Earlier this month, a report by Voices of Wrestling stated that IMPACT was in the end stages of negotiations to get their program on AXS TV and that a deal seemed imminent – but that “bigger dominos” had to fall before that would happen. As more and more details emerged throughout the month, it came to light that reportedly the bigger dominos in play was that Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the Canadian media empire, and owner of IMPACT, was actually in talks to acquire AXS TV, but reportedly, those talks had broken down recently.

A new report by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson on Wednesday had even more of a twist. While they confirmed that Anthem was indeed negotiating to purchase AXS TV for its international portfolio (and give it its first major US footprint) but that contrary to reports of the deal’s demise, “ is told by several sources that the talks are still active as of this week.”

Anthem Sports & Entertainment is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based international media company that owns several networks around the world, including Canada’s Fight Network and Fight Network UK in the United Kingdom, as well as GameTV. They have minor ownership in the Pursuit Channel in the US, but have been actively seeking a bigger network for their US presence. While AXS has been revealed as one of their targets, apparently there are several other networks on their radar, which have yet to be revealed.

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