#AndNEW: Danny Psycho Wins MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

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After a hard-fought tournament, Danny Psycho has claimed the vacant MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. The tournament began after Slex vacated the championship on May 11. Slex chose to vacate the championship in order to give other MCW athletes an opportunity to shine since he was at the time holding also holding the MCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Following the vacation of the championship, a tournament began featuring a range of MCW competitors. The first round featured eventual finalists Danny Psycho and Lochy Hendricks. Also competing were TD, Jett, Fun Time Phil, DCT, Ritchie Taylor and Southern Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) Kane Khan. Throughout the tournament, Psycho would defeat DCT in round one and TD in round two before overcoming Hendricks in the final at Ballroom Brawl.

With this victory, Psycho adds another MCW championship to his resume. Psycho has also previously held the MCW Heavyweight Championship, as the first-ever MCW champion.

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