#AndNEW: Tokyo Cyber Squad Win Goddesses Championships

Tokyo Cyber Squad

Konami and Jungle Kyona have regained some gold for Tokyo Cyber Squad, who recently lost the Artist titles, defeating the Queen’s Quest superteam of Utami Hayashishita and Momo Watanabe dealing Hayashishita her first pinfall loss in Stardom.

The win meant a lot to Konami and Kyona for very different reasons as it was Konami’s birthday so she got to win the belts on her birthday and get a big victory over her former faction.

For Kyona this meant so much more as the show took place in her hometown of Nagoya, the site of her heartbreaking defeat to Momo Watanabe in March where they two left it all in the ring in many people’s choice for Stardom’s Match Of The Year.  Not only did Kyona get a big win in her hometown but she also got rid of a cloud that has hung over her since August 2018.

In August 2018 Utami Hayashishita made her in-ring debut against the veteran Jungle Kyona, this was a match that Kyona should have easily won as the more senior member of the roster.  That was not to be though as the match ended in a 15-minute draw.  Ever since Kyona has been on a mission to defeat the Super Rookie and almost a year on from that show she has finally put away Hayashishita in her hometown to capture the Goddesses Of Stardom Championship.

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