CMLL: A Dynasty Unites!


In what was a rare match last night at Arena Mexico, Dinastia Munoz (RUSH, Dragon Lee & Mistico) teamed up to face the team of Gilbert El Boricua, The Chris, and Mr. Niebla in the semi-main event in a 2 out of 3 falls match which began pretty hot with the rudos in this match doing rudo things and jumping the brothers Munoz. The beating was so severe, with RUSH getting his head clocked by the door going into the audience, Lee getting senton bombed by Mr. Nieblas, and Mistico out of the commission from the get-go, the rudos took the first fall with a combination pin from Mr. Niebla and The Chris on Dragon Lee and Mistico.

In the second fall, things began quite the same way for the rudos team until Mr. Niebla decided on taunting an already infuriated RUSH from the beating given to him earlier. RUSH would not stand for it and quickly became the leader of Los Ingobernables and would fight back. This very quickly turned to a two-on-two match when RUSH would use his patented basement dropkick finisher on Gilbert to knock him out of the ring while Lee and Mistico double submission Mr. Niebla and The Chris with Lee using a single leg crab and Mistico using his finisher “La Mistica” (a Fujiwara Armbar) on Mr. Niebla. The match was even.

Things fell apart as a war ensued during the third fall when the match would no longer place in the ring, but in the stands, and on the stage where Mistico and The Chris nearly knocked one of the ring girls down. Mistico’s intention at this point on the ramp of the stage were come clearer as Mistico knocked The Chris with a nasty right hand, keeping him dazed so that he could deliver a cross-body splash from the top of the steps with what could have a been a 15-20 foot high jump onto The Chris, taking him out of commission.

The two teams had to regroup as both were completely exhausted, but RUSH would take the lead on a decision that wasn’t so smart as the Gilbert and The Chris would hold onto RUSH allowing Mr. Niebla to make contact with a tremendous left hand knocking all the sweat, spit, and almost all consciousness from RUSH. The brothers came to the aid and were to wake up RUSH. The team would then get the upper hand on the rudos and knock them out the ring, allowing for the signature Ingobernables posing.

From there the brothers were able to gain their momentum over the rudos. The match would conclude when Lee and Mistico knocked The Chris and Mr. Niebla out of the ring, and ultimately take the two out with a couple of Tope Con hilos leaving only RUSH and Gilbert standing in the ring, one-on-one. A quick chop exchange between the two would result in RUSH knocking Gilbert towards the corner then to set him up for his finisher. RUSH would BRUTALLY basement drop-kick Gilbert straight to the face with full contact knocking Gilbert out completely and finishing the match with the Munoz Dynasty walking out as the victors.

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