Mythbuster: “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu is REAL

Jacob Fatu with the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

The Werewolf is a frightening creature with just the idea that a regular person can suddenly turn into a ravenous beast is truly terrifying. Werewolf myths and folklore have existed since the middle ages. Starting in Europe in the 12th Century stories of people turning into Wolves either by a curse or the ability to shapeshift spread fear throughout the continent. The stories continued into South America and even into Asia. Many werewolves in the centuries that followed were actually serial killers who said they were like Peter Stumpp (Werewolf of Bedburg). All these werewolves all proved to be mythology, tall-tales, and fiction. However, there is a werewolf that is real and one you will most likely see again very soon: “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu.

Photo: MLW

Jacob Fatu is the real thing and he’s the new Major League Wrestling (MLW) World Heavyweight Champion after defeating “Filthy” Tom Lawlor Saturday night in Chicago at MLW Kings of Colosseum. He has the rare gift of strength, power, and a top-flight aerial game. Fatu is capable of executing multiple Moonsaults in short pockets of time to maximize impact with the size and strength to match up physically with any of the big men in MLW.

Jacob’s Father, former WWE Superstar The Tonga Kid (Photo: WWE)

If the name sounds familiar there’s a reason. Jacob is from the Samoan Dynasty and is the son of Sam Fatu better known as the Tonga Kid and Tama of The Islanders (w/ Haku) in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). He was the nephew of the late Umaga, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Roman Reigns, The Rock and the late former WWF Champion Yokozuna are one of his Uncles. Of course, he grew up around wrestling considering his lineage, but one of his best memories is when Jacob was seven years old and at a house show, lost Yokozuna’s WWF Championship belt before his match. It caused pandemonium as everyone searched for it until Earl Hebner found it in the back by the chips and candy. Despite the craziness, Yoko remained calm the entire time. With all that exposure it was natural for him to follow in not only his Father’s footsteps but everyone else’s.

The Fatus, SPW Tag Team Champs (2017). L-R: Journey Fatu, Samu (Tonga Kid) Fatu, Jacob Fatu (Photo: Mikey Nolan Photography)

Jacob Fatu began training with the KnokX Pro Wrestling Academy in Southern California making his in-ring debut in 2012. He spent the first few years in California learning under his Rikishi and another Uncle, The Black Pearl. He primarily teamed with family members early on in his career as he developed his skills, and then began making a name for himself in San Francisco with All Pro Wrestling (APW) and PCW ULTRA in 2016. Fatu’s first singles title was the APW Internet Championship when he beat New Japan Young Lion Karl Fredericks at the World Famous Cow Palace and then turned back multiple rematches with him until finally dropping the Title to JR Kratos 224 days later.

Fatu didn’t remain without a title long. He is the current APW Heavyweight Champion and has held the strap since November of last year when he beat another powerhouse in Ring of Honor (ROH)’s Jeff Cobb and has defeated the likes of Hammerstone, John Morrison, JR Kratos, and Luster the Legend along the way. He joined up with the Almighty Sheikh (Josef Samael) in January of 2017 to become the ULTRA Tag Champs. This title run has included some “Freebird Rules” as Brody King was part of the Evil mix. With Brody gone the pair eventually added the DEFY Tag Team Championship this past March beating One Percent. The team known as WARBEAST has never lost a match in ULTRA carrying Gold for over two years and soon over 900 days.

As word has spread, so has his reach around the wrestling world. Fatu debuted with The Crash Lucha in Mexico in 2018 and also debuted that year with Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). In 2019, he made his debut in Chicago with All American Wrestling (AAW) and has yet to drop a contest, including a win over AEW’s Ace Romero. You don’t have to watch Fatu long to realize how much talent this young man has.

Two of his cousins are The Usos (Jimmy & Jay Uso) who are clearly one of the best WWE Tag Teams of this decade if not the last twenty years. Jimmy and Jay can fly all over the place, deliver jaw busting superkicks and all Dynasty members are born doing the Samoan Drop. Fatu can do all those things exceptionally well. His superkick is quick and lethal that he can connect from anywhere. Here’s the difference: neither of them weighs 284 pounds and are built like football defensive Linemen. Imagine The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika), Umaga, or Rikishi doing Moonsaults, suicide dives, or flops over the top rope.


He has primarily competed in Deathmatches with WARBEAST and now in MLW with Contra Unit (Fatu, Samael, Simon Gotch), so he has the toughness for any kind of brawl. He signed with MLW along with Samael in early 2019. Based on their success as a team the expectation of some (*raises hand) was they would challenge for League Tag Team Glory. Nope. Instead, Fatu beat Tom Lawlor who had been dominant since winning the MLW belt from Low-Ki earlier this year.

There isn’t a single person in MLW that can do everything in a wrestling ring that Fatu can. What’s interesting is that he combines this into a handful of extremely well-executed moves that his opponents have yet to discover an answer for. He’s an exceptional tag partner but his future is in singles. It’s clear the League sees what this man brings to the table on a nightly basis, and has put the ship in his hands which is a smart move because Jacob Fatu is a star.

Jacob Fatu

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