SmackDown LIVE Highlights Rundown – The Kevin Owens Show (7/2/19)

Kevin Owens

I don’t know how anyone else feels, but it seems as though SmackDown LIVE is in a holding period until Eric Bischoff gets his chance to direct the show following Extreme Rules. There were some exciting developments however on the show that can lead to a brighter future for the blue brand. Here are the best parts of SmackDown this week.

Ali is on the Chase for Change

Last week WWE made a video explaining that Ali would be there to help you when you needed it. This week, Ali was in the streets once again. This time, making it known what his plans are. He wants to change the idea of a million minds that judge people based on what they look like, where they are from, or simply what their name is. Ali doesn’t want the WWE Championship for the money in the fame, he wants it for the change. He is chasing the championship officially which is exciting to see. The “Chase for Change” is on for Ali, who hopes that the WWE Championship can help him make that change.

Aleister Black fights at Extreme Rules

Aleister Black finally has a match scheduled. At Extreme Rules, Black wants the man who knocked on his door to show up so that they can fight. He does not care that no one was there after the knock, but rather will be if he meets that opponent at the PPV. The question is now simple. Who is challenging Aleister Black? Rumors of Cesaro have made the rounds. Buddy Murphy and Randy Orton are possibilities as well. It will be interesting to see.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens
Photo: WWE

Kevin Owens is one of the WWE’s most talented overall wrestlers. Whether it is inside the ring or with a microphone in his hand, KO can do it incredibly. SmackDown kicked off with “The Kevin Owens Show”, with special guests Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Kevin was clearly not impressed the whole time and even went out his way to let his guests know that. He would point out the part where Shane and Drew ran out of the ring from the Undertaker as he made his way down to the ring. Shane would tell him to stick by the cards and Owens was really having none of it. Dolph Ziggler would then head down to the ring, which is where KO would have enough.

KO would mock the fact that Ziggler continuously complained about how it should have been him. KO made it a point to say yeah, it should have been you… eight years ago. He would say it should have been but now it never will be. Ziggler’s best comeback would be mocking Kevin Owens, saying he should be in a hot dog eating contest. KO would then say the clever remark that at least he would win the contest, unlike Ziggler in wrestling matches. This would lead the two to wanting a shot at the WWE Championship and Shane McMahon instead putting them into a tag team match to earn a shot at Extreme Rules for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Heavy Machinery vs Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler

This match went as good as you’d probably expect between the two guys who were screaming at each other less than two hours prior. While they showed off some good chemistry at times, it was never going to work. Ziggler would accidentally hit Owens with a Superkick, which allowed Otis and Tucker to hit the Compactor on Owens for the victory and to move on to Extreme Rules. Owens would immediately hit a Stunner on Ziggler, leaving him laying to end the night and make the statement that this is now Kevin Owens’ show. What is next for “The Prizefighter”? It has been interesting ends to both SmackDown and Raw this week.

Kevin Owens showed the side that fans want out of him which is being all about him and making it be known who he really is. The change to the system has been an excellent start, even if both men are not fully involved. The new directions of Ali and KO are what can help lead this show back to the glory days just three years ago.

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